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  1. Flaze

    Labyrinth of Grisaia

    I rejoice!!! excited to finally play this game. thanks for the upload!
  2. woahhh magical gave me a huge surprise when i came on the front page to see this thing here lmao
  3. Flaze


    good vn, good old repetitive jrpg gameplay, and historical people turned into animu grills what's not to love about this damn game
  4. Flaze

    Bunny Black 2

    woohoo really hyped. the first one was great have high expectations for this though all these comments about bugs are concerning me lol
  5. Flaze

    Sunrider Academy

    Definitely not an easy game imo, but pretty fun. Characters seem alright, though somewhat generic and plain (only gotten 1/3-ish through so i dont really know if that changes). imo this is a game you really have to think through. it's taking me a second try because i got stuck, and now im trying to be more intelligent with the way i manage my time & money ingame. fun game, but a lot of people probably won't like it edit: second playthrough....stuck at the exact same place. I just...I don't even...you know what? Fuck this game. ill go for a third round of hell tomorrow, but today, im
  6. Flaze

    Bunny Black

    This is a complete grind of a game. The gameplay is ridiculously dull and simple and the story isn't even that amazing. Why do I love it so much despite that ;_; I really hope the sequel gets translated. I'm willing to go through that grind again just for more Ekate.
  7. Happy Birthday!~

  8. Rin

    Happy Birthday.

  9. X_X All that progress that could've been made in 6+ months. Oh well...An incredibly douchey line must be said to cope: "It is what it is." Now to wait and cry in a corner while waiting every week to look at the glorious red. Either that or forget about VNs for 6 months and come back to see massive glorious updates.
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh mai gurd.There's always next year I guess. Hopefully something I'm interested in actually comes out. Hooray...? The red text pleases me, for I do not care how much it has progressed. I only care that it has. "Soon" is a term notorious in the world of...everything. Fuck it, just gotta wait. Looks interesting enough. .-.
  11. X_X The main reason I want to play Comyu is for Kagome's route. I must resist the temptation of the partial patch.
  12. At first I wanted to play the VN, but realized it wasn't translated yet so I went to watch the anime (I don't even know how I finished it) and cried at how bad it was. A predictable plot, incredibly boring comedy, inconsistent animation... I dunno, maybe I'm weird, because at first I went to T.H.E.M. and Nihon review and they said it was dull/uninteresting. Then I go to MAL and it's full of 8/10s, 9/10s, and 10/10s with one or two 3/10s.
  13. -Goes to erogegames.com forums- -Sees that there isn't a thread yet- -Decides to go off- -Before going, reloads page once- Magic happens with patience. Hooray for Grisaia no Meikyuu. Another VN to wait for, just because I liked its prequel .-.
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