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  1. Happy birthday wherever you are : D

  2. Happy birthday! didn't expect that huh :lewd:

  3. Happy Birthday~(This is real cool, as a long time lurker (almost a decade), it's nice to see something like this.)
  4. Just logged in after like 6 years, and I'll probably forgot to say in in a few days, so happy birthday.

  5. I see you! Come by the shoutbox and say "hey" sometime, ya?

  6. Happy Birthday bud! Hoping you have a good one!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!~~

  8. Happy Birthday!~!!~~!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!~~~!!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!~~~~

  11. Happy Birthday~~~~~~~!!!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  13. Happy Birthday~~~~!!!!~~!!~~!!

  14. Happy Birthday!~~~~~!!!!!!!!~~

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