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  1. Did you complete the whole G.U. series? What I mean is get every equipment and items and also cleared every quest/side-quest..


    Funny thing is, I started playing it backwards.. Vol 3 > Vol 2> Vol 1 :p Because It was hard to get vol 1 and 2 that works.. Then I played it back from the beginning...and got every frickkin thing completed:o

  2. Haseo of course.. He was an ass at first though... Second would be Alkaid. It's sad that she only had a short part(a significant one though) in the game.. Damn Aida..

  3. I have played MH Freedom, Freedom2, Unite, portable 3rd on the psp and tri on the wii

  4. Oh cool =D I love Long Swords and Dual Swords too XD Which ones have you played ^^ ?

  5. mhm, I loved the zanpakuto filler arc XD and yeah, he had like 1 month or more to think of an idea, so I cant wait to see what he comes up with
  6. And yup I love a lot of game series =D Who's your favourite .hack character ^^?

  7. Haiiii nyaaa thank you for the invite :3 hope we can be good friends ^^ and thats a sexy and cute avatar you have there :D

  8. You're a .Hack//G.U. fan right? Pleased to meet you!

  9. Hey thanks for the friend invite. My favourite weapons in MH are the lance and the great sword :)

  10. P.S. Saber rocks ^3^

  11. Haiii there =D Nice to meet you ^^ Would you like to be friends ^^ ? It's cool to see another MH fan on here ^^ May I ask what your favourite weapon classes are ^^ ?

  12. You awesome dude XD I LOVE the Monster Hunter series
  13. Oh yup those too XD but I dont think I saw any of those back in my days in the 90's
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