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  1. Seems this game is now out.
  2. The game appears to be out now both on Steam and on Denpasoft(Adult version).
  3. lol apparently it will be out today according to vndb. Only the All ages version. Guess the adult one will come for March-July. Of course even the all age version may end up delayed AGAIN.
  4. Well hopefully Saku Saku will not get limited to the package edition. But knowing them...
  5. And as it usually happens with them they released the All Ages version for it first with the adult one TBA. Seeing how they cannot release the adult version of Saku Saku as they wait for Steam's permission to release the all ages version it is rather likely that we won't see the adult release soon. "SOON" XD
  6. Just read the postponing of the steam release. That the adult version would follow soon enough was the prediction ...which became true even sooner than I expected lol Besides, doesn't Sekai often release adult versions AFTER the all ages version? It sure looked suspicious. Now wait till the All Ages version is released in a month or two while the adult one for February-June.
  7. LOOOOL and now vndb lists the adult version as TBA as well. I feel like a prophet. Though it was rather predicatable.
  8. They might JUST copy the fantranslation and put a few spelling fixes here and there. If they started from the beginning then it would be released around 2035 or so... Instead we will only have a 2024 release if all goes well lol. "JAST IN TIME" ^^
  9. Sekai still needs a bit of practice to match Jast. Sumaga is in limbo for a like half a decade. I expect Jast's Majikoi to be released around 2-3 years or so after we have the release of the last fantranslation of the A series. Assuming the fantranslators will take their time of course and require at least 2 years for each. In the meantime Jast might release a few unannounced 2-5 hour long nukiges to fill the gap...
  10. Too bad that it looks its getting postponed again. The steam release on vndb changed to TBA and while the adult version did not get that (yet) it is still not released as far as I can tell. lol in limbo forever?
  11. I managed to finish two routes(the red haired chick and the glasses girl) by just swapping the original scenario and the patched one. Btw by the files on fuwa you mean the 300 mega sized patch that translates the menus or something else?
  12. How do you get the blonde loli girl route? Even if I try to be mean to all the other girls and pick all the nice choice for the blonde I end up with the glasses girl.
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