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  1. Well it seems like we do not have a complete patch for DR for a while, because Insem got a girlfriend... (lucky bastard) Good for him, and I really hope the 9/9 patch release... (Elina is mine!!!!!) Air and the new trans of Cross-Channel are still going so it is fine for me (almost done Air, in the face Key) My thanks as ever, and I hope we read each other the next week...
  2. Yumina The Ethereal, well I almost finish Grisaia no Kajitsu and Harukoi Otome, hoooo this seems to be pretty impressive. Just as always my thanks for all the people who made this a reality. Thanks and have a nice play...
  3. Indeed, but to have something just for the simply reason that "it's is funny" it doesn't a sin or it does?
  4. Well well well, it seems like we have to wait about a week or so for Grisaia () MGQ maybe I have to begin with that series for killing time for now Ah and Ikinari ni Koishiteru its almost done (why no one it's talking about that one?) As always my regards for everyone, until next week or less (I hope) PS: AllHail Desi n-n/
  5. Well, indeed a kinda colorless week, but if I have to say something about Majikoi its if I begun to study japanese when Mijako's route get stalled I'll probably be a teacher rigth now ... PS: All Hail Desi (n.n)/
  6. Kara no Shoujo (hard copy), Kara no Shoujo 2, Little Witch Romanesque, Shiny Days... guess who it's gonna be ¨missing¨ n.n
  7. Bernkastel

    Orion Heart

    Another one from Nukigegamer, well good enough until the patch forGrisaia n.n
  8. 5.9 GB??? This one its gonna be epic
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