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  1. I've read a lot about it from many local forums yeah... arigatou:)
  2. damn, I guess in the ME will be a happy ending, from what I've seen in a particular forum in ME there is a happy ending :( thanks for the info...
  3. the ending in memorial edition different from Regular version right?? aaaa, i'm asking to much question, i'm sorry...
  4. I'm looking for the English version as well, just like you say it's not release yet, so rather than wait for the English patch better I play the japanese version first.
  5. im not search for english version, but japan version , japan version has been released right?? sorry my english was bad..
  6. that mean you have a memorial edition right?? can you tell me where can i download it?? please..
  7. Somebody please tell me where can i download Tomoyo After It's a Wonderful Life Memorial Edition ?? if you guys know please send me a mail to [email protected] ..... onegai...
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