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  1. Looks like the prefundia page for Dies Irae is up. Translators are as expected, rewards good with full game at $30/35 and physical at $50. Rather nice. Atziluth! Dies Irae World Emanation Project!?Dies irae English Localization Project Commences! | Prefundia
  2. Kanji is 'onore', so you're off. 'Onore' means 'you'(as in refering to some other person), so 'she puts you on top of her' sounds... uhh... perfectly reasonable? 'Onore' is either an old formal you, or an current impolite form. In my translation I put it as her because it connected better with the next picture. The person doing the action is left off (as is usual in Japanese sentences) in the second picture so one must guess that person using context, and using the only context I have (the first picture) I guessed that it is not the speaker doing the actions. Although the actual translation
  3. Rough (As the whole line isn't at my disposal, and there is not much context) 1st "Her soft weight," (Essentially the other girl is on top of the one speaking(or something to that account), but in more flowery terms) 2nd "the grip of her hand, and her gaze" ('Her' used here can also mean girlfriend) So descriptions for them having a love/kiss scene. Edit: Shit. Beaten to the point. That's what I get for describing my reasoning for the wording. But my wording is still more accurate, as you would expect of machine translation vs human.
  4. Okay here's the stuff that works so far (on my end): Hoshizora no Memoria Majikoi + Majikoi S Aoishiro Cartagra Higurashi (steam ver) Fruit of Grisaia NekoPara fault milestone one Eden* Free Freinds ImoPara Princess Evangile Works but needs display scaling on high DPI settings disabled to use fullscreen mode: Liar-soft games Sharin no Kuni Littlewitch games Da Capo 1/2 Kara no Shojo (-It appears most kirikiri based VN's fall in this category-) Ever 17 (Needs Windows8.1 patched exe) Never 7 WEE 1 + 2 Fat
  5. Seems to be the case. That's how I got it unlocked. View on the new translated 1/2: Barely passable. Also semicolon crazy. ;;;;;;;;;;;
  6. In addition the removed music from the original release of Higurashi has been re-added for the release.
  7. Nah digital delayed too according to their twitter. In better news, possibly only rumor, Steins;Gate is getting PS3 and Vita release in NA and Europe. Steins;Gate Is Coming To PlayStation 3 And Vita In English [update] - Siliconera
  8. A route and H-scene, but only in Da Capo 2 Plus Communication. So no English, yes Japanese. But the route if I remember was hard to get and rather short. (like most of the hidden routes in the VN)
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