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  1. says all ages here but ero on vndb which is correct?
  2. I'm putting the blame on Doki because it seems whatever project they get ahold of stalls and never finishes. Whether it be Tomoyo started in 2008 still unfinished, Clannad started in 2007 still unfinished, Little Busters EX/ME transferred in 2012 still unfinished. Has Doki ever even finished a translation project on a VN? I highly doubt anyone from Doki ever believes they are releasing anything when they start a project I mean they have to know their own track record right?
  3. Look you're certainly right can do whatever they want. Just like Clannad Man (not surprisingly until recently a member of doki) had the right to setup a kickstarter campaign to get an all expense trip paid to Japan but I also have the right to call bullshit when I see it. It also makes it alot clearer why so little work was done but they kept insisting the project wasn't dead. Now we know why. Had they dropped it like 2-3 years ago it's highly likely another team would have picked it up and finished it off. You may say hey well that other team translated x instead but that really has noth
  4. I happy they are getting their fair share of the pie. But I still think the way things went down is bullshit. We were told that they were giving the translation to Doki so they could finish the 30K or so lines left. How many years has it been now and they still hasn't finished? They then decide to release the perfect version which has basically been on the internet for close to a decade without the artbook and the useless shit that appeal only key fanboi's. They think taking the patch accomplishes something when the people who wanted the all ages version have already played it a long ti
  5. First of all I want to point out Doki didn't translate shit. They were gifted the translations by another group who didn't have the time to finish the EX/ME versions. They then sat and sat on it not doing shit in the way of translations. I have no idea if they decided to compensate the original translators for their work but considering the way they've treated the rest of us sitting on their work for years not doing anything before finally shafting us doing an all ages 'perfect' release that was essentially already translated I wouldn't be surprised if they got taken as well. This is ano
  6. I have news for you the 'additional content' that made it 'perfect' was added in as well. The problem I have is simple they promised that they would release the EX/ME versions they didn't. Now they are releasing the totally unrelated version for visualarts probably because 12+ will sell better. Me I don't care. If I wanted to play the all ages version I would have already have done so. I also think them stringing us along for two years with zero updates when they said they've been in talks for over a year is a bitch move. Look we all know how this works some of these people take the fan tr
  7. (つ旧作) (18禁ゲーム) [19970418] [C’s ware]メイド物語 (ccd).rar (it's part of someone collection on nyaa) Works and adds partial voice to maid story as well. Just copy it from the directory on the cd to the existing rip (MUS and snd folders). For fatal relations you can replace the existing zero'd out file in your release and replace it the archive to add voice.
  8. You are a clown. These are fan translated abandonware games. Go back to JAST and threaten to whine more about them in your blog noone here cares. Well the first link I gave works and adds full voice to fatal relations. I've found the original cd for Maid Monogatari (Maid Story) via torrents I'd see if it adds partial voice as well.
  9. I don't really know where to put it so I'll just put it here. Why are all the old VN's being butchered on the site? Paradise Heights was fully voiced. Fatal Relations was fully voiced (managed to find the voice files online here ftlrlt.part01 - Download - 4shared - Graham Yost). I've noticed a bunch of others that I'm too lazy to go through and list but for the love of god stop butchering these old anime titles and release them properly thanks.
  10. I'm still waiting for Doki to translate Little Busters ME/EX. When they were given the project there was like 5K of text left. It's taken them 3 yrs to translate it and they haven't even edited or proofread it yet. To bad the group didn't give it to a different group or just post their scripts to Fuwnovel or something. I guarantee you if they did it would have already been done already.
  11. Please upload new releases. Thanks
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