• Sensei 2

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    Growing up in the same household... A sudden parting and an unexpected reunion, of the natural love between experience and innocence.

    A teacher and student... An invisible wall separates them.

    She suddenly confesses her truth: "I'm engaged to be married..."

    Finally, he realizes the depths of his yearning for her, moving around inside him like a tangible thing. He hears the voice inside him, crying out to possess her.

    The warning bells ring. But by then it is far too late...

    Download "Sensei 2" English game:

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    Sensei 2 - HCG
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    1. EntaroAdun's Avatar
      EntaroAdun -
      This game sucks. The graphic is terible, the story is boring.
    1. naim00's Avatar
      naim00 -
      Can Someone please tell me does this game has a good plot...... and is it worth a play......
    1. switch's Avatar
      switch -
      its worth a fap i'll tell you that much.but the art does u mite wanna consider instead, if u want the shiny stuff that is.
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