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    My name is Ethan. Ethan Bond. I'm an agent of the secret intelligence group, FAPPS - the Federal Agency of Pussy Protective Services.

    What is FAPPS you ask? Forgive me for shooting off. It's rather larger than can fit in your hands, but I'll give you what you can handle. Bartender, shake out a few drops of milk for my friend here.

    You see, FAPPS is involved in the research and investigation of sex crimes involving the babymaking place. We safeguard the state of the uterine. Within the pink moistened folds of the intelligence community, I am in fact something of a cumshot. Hotshot! I penetrate with 100 success. They call me the "creampie spy."

    Bollocks, you say? Oh yes, they're emptied daily into beautiful women. I commit intercourse at my discretion, with a bona fide intravaginal permit - any womb, any time. It's a License to Spill.

    - You are Ethan Bond, Creampie Spy! The fruits of internal secrecy are yours to protect!

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    1. robin70's Avatar
      robin70 -
      Hell that's fucking lame -_- " FAPPS - the Federal Agency of Pussy Protective Services." Seriously who buy this shit?
    1. strom's Avatar
      strom -
      Don't forget CUMDUMP. Can't remember what it stood for when I was beta-testing the title, but I know it was also lame.

      As for who buys the shit... Well, the company that made the game is still in business, so someone does. It is sorta a good thing that the company that makes the game was pretty much throwing the titles at MangaGamer to translate. Probably saved them a lot on licensing the titles since they didn't have to do as much negotiating as other titles.
    1. Dragondraco's Avatar
      Dragondraco -
      Oh and as a warning. Don't go into this game expecting anything resembling logic. I know most nukige are already like that to start with by their very nature but this one is especially ridiculous. Course the title and synopsis likely gave everyone a clue about that I'm sure.
    1. Soupkitten's Avatar
      Soupkitten -
      Quote Originally Posted by robin70 View Post
      Hell that's fucking lame -_- " FAPPS - the Federal Agency of Pussy Protective Services." Seriously who buy this shit?
      I thought it was funny. Sorry if you can't appreciate humor.
    1. cpt valor's Avatar
      cpt valor -
      i havent played this one, but just from reading the description it sounds like a riot! i definitely need to check this one out!
    1. JackyMark's Avatar
      JackyMark -
      what a title, indeed a MUST try
    1. thaguarrero's Avatar
      thaguarrero -
      So... I googled for images of this game. I'm in!!!
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