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Found 6 results

  1. Some VN's that are not listed yet on ErogeDownload I believe, I would like to see them there if possible. Tenkiame Oppai Café ~Oyako de Cos Chichi~ Hakoniwa Logic Onee-san to Amaero Milk Kissa ~Shibotte Nonde Ippai Nakadashi Shite ne~
  2. I would honestly love to see some more of I-Raf-You's VNs... Particularly A Voyage to Brobdingnag 2: Voyage to Japan, and Towa Mo Nakaba wo Sugite (In the middle of Eternity). I have played both the demos and they are very interesting. Here is a link to the Novels if your interested Brobdingnag: A VOYAGE TO BROBDINGNAG 2: A Voyage to Japan [i-Raf-You] | DLsite Adult Doujin Eternity: Towa mo Nakaba wo Sugite (In the middle of the eternity) [i-Raf-You] | DLsite Adult Doujin If you have problems getting the Adobe Air file to start in Brobdingnag, you have to change your date setting b
  3. Key visual novels seem to love giving me issues these days.. the issue I seem to be having is after clicking on RealLiveEn to start the game up, it comes up with a game window that is just a blank black box, with the resolutions options, after the resolution box is closed, the game remains just that.. a blank black box until I choose to exit out of it (whereupon it asks me if I wish to exit, as if I were actually playing the game with no issues whatsoever.) I'll bite, I have no idea what the issue is here.
  4. I am new to visual novels and I would like to ask, what are your favourite visual novels. I would like to read other visual novels too, but there are simply just too many and I don't know where to start.
  5. I'm making this thread out of a sort of weird curiosity. I have always been really picky when it comes to Eroge's, I kind of hope I'm not the only one. I've seen people who love VN's no matter what happens in them, whether someone dies, gets raped, murdered, etc. etc. I always hated that kind of stuff. Though, I might be weird for saying this, but I'm a big fan of loli's and imouto's. I know I'm not the only one. I've always liked moege Eroge's compared to a more serious one. Too much drama? Not for me. Rape? Not for me. Heroine/ protagonist dying? Not for me. So I pose this question to you al
  6. The Five Phases of Manly Romance by Cross Chick Flicks Romance is for women, right? Whenever I hear „love story“ I instantly think of gay vampires and Fabio. George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson bring a smile to girls’ faces all over the world, while the boys frown like they drank a glass of piss. In the western hemisphere love in art is only targeted at women. Over the years the people accepted that fact, claiming that men are just too rough for emotions and only care for violence and porn, while the girls cry in front of the television, just because the movie
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