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  1. I extracted the game files, then using daemon tools to get the game exe. I could run the game, but it'll be in Japanese so I applied the english patch. I tried starting the game, that's when I get this pop up saying "gamexe.ini" with some japanese text and I get a perpetual black enlarged screen with my cursor. The game isn't unresponsive, it's just a black screen where I can move my cursor. At the moment I will try reinstalling the game and see how it goes from there. Edit: I downloaded and installed this game on my laptop one or two years ago and it worked fine. Now I want to finish it on
  2. Aww, the link you've given is broken, charlbeef... Seeing how this is NTR, I'm not sure if I still want to get this. Having mixed feelings and second thoughts about it, the art looks nice though.
  3. I thought the whole point of Eroge requests was to either get it translated in english or to get the game?
  4. Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia! I just came across this, but there's no english version ... That Date A Live Utopia visual novel too?
  5. Someone! Anyone! Please help me, I want to be able to read this in english. I am really hoping someone translated this VN to english, I like Gen Urobuchi's works.
  6. Pfffffft, my chinese is horrible... Damn, I've watched the hentai version(episodes) of it and I liked it, it didn't occur to me that it is from a visual novel game. Is it possible to get an english sub version instead?
  7. Please help me get this game!
  8. Damn, Steins Gate, I remember watching the anime of it when it come out quite recently. I have to say, I wasn't ready or prepared for the feels, they just hit me like a truck and there I was laying on the ground like a perfect roadkill. I didn't know Steins Gate came from a visual novel until lately, I recall telling myself that I wanted to go experience the visual novel but I didn't. That was because I did a half-assed attempt to get it, I was like a computer caveman, couldn't get stuff online without a direct download link.
  9. Holy fuck, torrent? That's unusual for me, I very rarely use torrent so I don't even know what to do xD. Edit : Wow, it sure has been a hell of a roller coaster ride learning about torrenting and how to do it "safely".
  10. I've tried to uninstall everything and reinstall, but when I click on uninstall, it says, "Invalid start mode: archive filename". Should I just manually delete everything or?
  11. After downloading and unzipping the stuff, I could run Shiny Days, but I couldn't successfully apply the patch. I did what it told me to do, open the cmd file in Shiny Day's folder and I did that. I installed Shiny Days in an external hard drive instead of my computer's built in one, that might be the cause of the problem. Or am I missing something? Edit : The cmd file says one or more require files is missing. I am not sure if I am applying the bug patch correctly, I unzipped it in Shiny Day's folder.
  12. Thank you for your speedy reply and I know about Clannad through watching its anime, but forgot about it somehow, thank you for recommending Clannad!
  13. Thanks Pasa! Edit : Also, a sin is something you can never atone for, that's what a true sin is. That was said by Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai, just felt like saying it when I saw your signature.
  14. Sincerely, thank you guys! I didn't expect to receive such a warm welcome, find that something to fill the void in my heart, I might have just found it. I've got a question to ask about Shiny Days though, from Sanahtlig's guide to install the patch file, I want to use the direct download link, but I don't know if it's safe to do so or not. Therefore, I am in a stalemate or a stand-still, I want to progress forward, but I am afraid.
  15. Hey, so you guys managed to install the patch using Sanahtlig's direct download link? Edit : I've gotten answered somewhere, thank you guys!
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