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About Me

  1. It has very pretty artstyle
  2. Hi, I would like to request Loca Love My Commuting Crush that released on the west August 21, 2020. Store link: Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush - FAKKU Thank you.
  3. Its one of the new vns on nutaku and has traps. I love traps. Alas i cant find anywhere to download it that hasnt been deleted. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I hope you can help me. I started playing eroges a little while ago and was wondering if there are any translated eroges/vn where you could pick a childhood friend character like Manami from Oreimo or Nanami from the pet girl from sakurasou. I think everybody who has watched some romance anime knows these characters. They are kind, warm and cute. They fallen for the MC a long time ago but are to shy to admit it. The MC usually didn't notice their love. Then there comes along the new girl and at the end the childhood friend loses and stays alone. It saddens me because normally I real
  5. Game description : You usually play as the hero… but not this time! You're a lowly squire who's on an epic quest to get laid. Here's the catch: you've only got a few months left to find the girl of your dreams before you're shipped off to war. So git gud, get laid, and find man's greatest pleasure in Love Esquire! Links: Steam - Save 10% on Love Esquire - RPG/Dating Sim/Visual Novel on Steam VNDB - Love Esquire | vndb
  6. Got released recently. Would love to see this uploaded eventually. Many thanks.
  7. Steam Prison Just released on MangaGamer. Would love to play it. Thank you very much.
  8. And not true love kind of game. I mean boob wars level of Nukige.
  9. i'd like to find some new pure love eroges with male MC. I played a lot of them and i want to see if you could have some games i have not played.
  10. Heres a few i cant find on here from nutaku i would love to get if possible. Im horrid at sifting through the search here though so i might have missed some. The first one was the one i couldnt find anywhere. These are the last ones i really wanted from the few ive requested to find out wernt possible so hopefully these are. I love futa and trap ones but it seems like there arnt any in english that arnt one here besides these sadly. Thanks. Critical Hit Critical Hit - Kinetic Novel Sex Game | Nutaku Tears of Yggdrasil Tears Of Yggdrasil - Visual Novel Sex Game | Nutaku
  11. So for everyone in erogegames forum, especially our senior member and above, list your favorite old VN games. Games that you had finished but you still love to play it even now. And reasons why you love those game. Oh and i can't really define what is old game cause we have different opinion regarding that, so just go with what you think is old
  12. seems good Negligee: Love Stories on Steam
  13. I just found out about this place and I don't know where to start, but I'd really love something strongly mysterious.
  14. A Hand in the Darkness would love if someone had it
  15. Steam VNDB It is all ages, but I have heard lots of praises regarding it from people who read it in Japanese. Would love to get the game here. And most steam releases only require the steam files dump and then use steamemu to run it.
  16. Hi people, I'm new here, and I wonder if you have some recommendations for me ! I'm searching for VN or eroge with a girl player/protag with men to seduce you see- (or good yaoi games too) I'm getting REALLY annoyed by VN like "I'm a girl, so I want to fall in love, I get embarassed when he kisses me, I love flowers and fireworks and I'm so pure and innocent hihihi ~ " please help Do you have any suggestions ?
  17. True Love Confide to the Maple ( Zhen Lian ~Jiyu Fengqiu~) Direct download Torrent It's a Chinese VN, no 18+ (probably).
  18. Hello. Requesting new otome from Dogenzaka Lab Save 20% on Forbidden Love on Steam Please, if anyone have it, share it.
  19. Another request. Does anybody have a torrent link for the older eroge Hatsukoi (First Love) that was partially translated?
  20. Hello, does anyone have this game? Hope for love on Steam
  21. Not an eroge, but I'd love if Nightshade was uploaded whenever ;o; Thanks either way!
  22. Hi guys Do you know who take the desicion to animate some eroges? or if is any request page for it Personally i really love the works they made with bible black, discipline, cleavage and starless, i love the animation and more the voluptuous women that appear in it. There are some eroge from the EMPRESS company (They made cleavage and starless) that they have to be, yes or yes, animated. Empress Official Website http://i.imgur.com/s9dbWmb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sEIsBPf.jpg
  23. hello im new to the comunity i guess but i have encountered a problem love ribbon part 2 (200mb download version) has a broken key file game>010.rpa this file does not appear to work for some reason. it does not extract correctly and fails every time also it may be password protected can someone help me please or maybe provide a mediafire link with a fixed version of file? kudos, Mrfixitplz
  24. Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline on Steam
  25. Fellow gamers & fellow otaku to be honest at first i was not going to ask and i thought what the heck and ask your opinions and if you want to share your stories too as well+your experiences that's fine with me only if you want to share your stories & your experiences & before any of you ask me from who when I'm asking in your opinions do you think i should hide that i love hentai & i love hentai stuff I'm talking from my friends,girls & women when & if i put myself out there dating again & if i choose to and don't worry i don't mind and include my family including
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