• Toushin Toshi 2

    You've been in love with your old childhood friend Hazuki ever since you can remember. You've become a couple and all seems perfect...except that she is the daughter of the person you've been studying swordsmanship under. And the fact that you have been stuck at Level 4 for the longest time makes winning her hand a bit out of your reach...

    Then comes the Toushin tournament. A fighting tourney that happens every year, the best of fighters enter to win the coveted Toushin title (Toushin literally means God of Battle). Each contestant must come in with a female partner and if the contestant loses the battle, their partner becomes the property of the winner for the rest of the day, free to do whatever he or she wishes to do to them.

    Hazuki, after getting the promise from her father to allow her marriage to you if she goes as the partner of the strongest warrior of all his pupils, she heads out to the Tournament...but she in fact agreed to a promise waiting to the broken. Hazuki's father, determined to have a strong warrior carry on the dojo, wants only the winner of the tournament to marry her daughter...leaving you with only one option: To win the tournament.

    As you fight, a number of mysteries arise. What is the reason the Toushin Tournament is held every year? Why did a person tell you to not win the tournament? Why is it that none of the previous winners ever leave the city?

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    1. GenjiChan's Avatar
      GenjiChan -

      High amounts of rape....

      Unavoidable rape....

      We're talking about the male protagonist right? I meant he's the one getting raped bu girls right???
    1. Natsuki's Avatar
      Natsuki -
      damn, and just when it looked like an interesting story too. not touching this now cause of the rape. I have a no rape tolorance.
    1. stitch901's Avatar
      stitch901 -
      Is there a full walkthruogh for this game?
    1. sora21345's Avatar
      sora21345 -
      holy crap u guys this game has the same story as this game but its non h and its in 3ds Toshin Toshi’s Battle System (And Harem System...) Detailed - Siliconera
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      guys so far i didnt see any rape

      the game is really really good
    1. Dyhart's Avatar
      Dyhart -
      Is there a walkthrough for this game other than the wikia? I have no idea what it's telling me to do.

      "Round 2

      Route 1 - Magic Warrior
      Buy the 3F key
      Meet Kuraiya (クライア)
      Keep going back and forth talking to the 2F bandits and Kuraiya"

      HUH???? Where do I meet Kuraiya? 2F bandits? the one I use the pass to get through?

      ok nvm I figured it out. I better mention the bar has absolutely NOTHING to do with it either. You need to find a PASS on the 2F, then use that to get into the thieves area on the 2F, buy the 3F key and you meet Kuria on the 3F.
    1. wren2012's Avatar
      wren2012 -
      just to be clear... This IS the official English release done by Arunaru yes?

      I'm asking because I do not intend to get any games that require me to get Japanese Locale or AppLocale.
    1. vixtor7's Avatar
      vixtor7 -
      This game actually has a 3 episode hentai series its called Tournament of the Gods its really good i highly recommend it!!!!
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