• Atom Grrrl!!

    This Eroge is too goddamn hard!Is there a trainer for this?-atom-grrrl-jpg

    Returning to Las Vegas after studying abroad on the island nation of Yamato, Jessica L. Huster comes back to lead her gang, “The 99th Floor,” only to find out that her family is in big trouble with the dominating mafia boss, Big E. Jessica and her friend Anna come together to face trouble head-on, however Jessica’s cousin, Very could turn out to be a “very” big problem for the both of them..

    This adventure is unlike any you have previously experienced, and the girls in Atom GRRRL!! are anything but sweet. On the rough streets of America, scum emerges from the shadows at night, and so do these naughty girls as they go to reclaim their territory.

    The humour is raunchy; the style is right out of a Tarantino film. In Atom GRRRL!! nothing is sacred and there is no right or wrong, it is simply just hardcore, in-your-face America. The twists are many, and these girls will paint you with their crosshairs faster than you can say “apple pie.”

    Follow Jessica L. Huster as she returns home to the crime-ridden streets of America in Atom GRRRL!!

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    1. eta's Avatar
      eta -
      Do you want to exit the game?
      What. I thought this was about America.
    1. DragonBall89's Avatar
      DragonBall89 -
      so "the style is right out of a Tarantino film" are you for real ? what the heck kind of line is that ? Also that dark skinned girl's art seems a bit of, like she's a VN character inside a VN. She looks dead as a fish compared to the other characters, might be wrong though, just the first impression from the images listed on vndb.
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