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Its time to rise and kill all those NTR's bitch!! let rain of fire burn them down~
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  2. Since the beginning of time cheating on your wife/girlfriend has always been wrong and hurtful; any form of media that promotes that reckless behavior should be spit upon and burned.
  3. It's all from the experience and from experience we learned something which is ..... ah ... crap.. (Can't say).
  4. do you like your girlfriend/lover/love interest/whatever to be fucked/kissed/whatever by other people? Ofcourse not. So i don't like it in video games/eroge aswell. In short i'm a jealous bastard.
  5. was it your personal experience??? or was it due to something you heard or encounter before?? so...share with us here and we shall help to kill that bitch!!! ^^
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