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  1. HF route all the way ! hey is anyone of you has watch PS vita op of HF? it's awesome!
  2. Being sarcastic aren't you? well never mind

  3. lol we still missed you :p

  4. Aku no Hana The manga have a decent plot. I was disappointed by recent chapter and someone told me that things gonna get's serious again. This is the show where i can really concentrate on reading and loved every second of it.
  5. i know my engrish is suck .

  6. Don't mention it :D

  7. Hey, welcome back. Always nice to hear from one of the two people who ever sent me a friend-request^^

  8. Yandere .. god that game is the best game ever.. not sure why maybe just my fetish awakening after 7-8 months of not reading anything in VN . So.. for now let's read Kagetsu Tohya.
  9. It's been to long .. so lets see... got new update and tons of VN is being translated.. (waiting for Kajitsu)
  10. Ger.. are you making some definition or just stating that i am stupid ( well yeah i am ) but i am not good in english. so let me get this straight. Keep you meaning/definition/pretense/meaning again - GET OUT OF DA KITCHEN IF YOU CAN'T STAND DA HEAT ( that's stupid thing has kuza said ) And you blind because all you have is wisdom and wisdom.. and extra cheesecake + COCK-A-cola.. @Udizzle owh... sorry - really just messed up the replying that i don't even notice it .. sorry! - i wanna reply too someone ah.... ARGH!! nvm.. ----- So i finds myself getting butthurt (i think) messes with re
  11. I find this insulting. But nevermind people are stupid when it comes to something, just like you mother - He's a good guy actually - A self proclaimed writer - A tall man - He's kinda social to many people or should i say friendly. He never said that he actually despise Vanilla ( I've never type anything about it at least ) he just hate people who love vanilla being netorare'd. Example - Hentai/Doujin/Eroge + Good Guy + Pure Girl = Making love - You watching them while fapping ( In Happy Mood ) . - Same as any other NTR from what i least expected, except the mood. All i want to kn
  12. The awkward thing is when you get caught by your Real life GF or cat caught you or just stare at you fapping.
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