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    There is a door in front of you... A strange door, which has been created by the Devil. On the other side of it, three different worlds await you. Don't be scared, but don't get caught up in the realms of fantasy! The Devil is waiting to lead you along...

    Kanako's Depression
    You don't have a girlfriend, and you don't have any money either. You're moping around in your apartment, when a girl suddenly shows up at your door. Her name is Kanako; she's a timid little thing, but wait until you find out what she really is...!

    The Telephone Scandal
    You want to have a girlfriend. You call a dating service and guess what!? You get a girl and go out on a date. Wait a minute... Is this girl...?

    Armored Fighter Gyleban
    The evil organization of Gill Grauber tries to dominate the world. One man stands against their nightmarish plans and challanges them. His name is Ryosei Motosu, a selfish bastard... People call him the Armored Fighter Gyleban!
    Download "DOR" English hentai game:

    DOR Installation:
    1. install the game
    2. copy the nocd patch from "X:\dor_e\loader file" to your DOR directory.
    3. make sure your dor cd / daemon image remains in its drive.
    4. execute the nocd patch.
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    1. Danisco's Avatar
      Danisco -
      I'm so sad it's not working to me
    1. Slasherturtle's Avatar
      Slasherturtle -
      Quote Originally Posted by Danisco View Post
      I'm so sad it's not working to me
      I get that feel bro.
    1. ultimumknight's Avatar
      ultimumknight -
      ..........I'm gonna try the game
    1. Avenger's Avatar
      Avenger -
      I have a feeling this doesn't work on anything after Windows 95...
    1. webdriver's Avatar
      webdriver -
      I can't save, that's the biggest problem on this game, I use XP LOL
    1. Exsilon's Avatar
      Exsilon -
      Work on my Xp
      It a collection 3 or 4 short ecchi stories

      nothing much
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