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  1. Hey, all I said this time round is good. Anime has to be good for me to like it, but I don't like all good anime.
  2. >Implying there have been 10 good anime in the last 5 years.
  3. The game is still in Early Access. Wait for it to actually be released.
  4. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. You fools, you have no idea what you have unleashed. Warning: The following character is more annoying than every other character combined. She is the most annoying of all time (including, hopefully, the future). [spoiler=Last chance to turn back] Sofie from Harem Party
  5. ... If you're not gonna put any effort at all into these questions, then why the fuck are you doing this? The only question people couldn't just look up in under a minute was the one about me, ffs. Probably too difficult, but at least it wasn't just a matter of "who can respond the fastest"
  6. superNuke was involved in an accident involving an explosion and a large amount of pony dildos. Other than that, no idea ;(
  7. The fuck is with all these easy questions? A newbie could solve them. What does ulti say -> look at archive Who is ILT -> look at member list by posts The one about me is less obvious, but still relatively guessable. Nobody wants to say the real answer B though. Everybody secretly is in love with me, and is just too tsuntsun to let other people know. >No questions about slasherturtle or superBomb >No questions about the blogs >etc, etc
  8. 99% of VNs/manga/anime make me cry. Both from sadness that I'm wasting my life reading such tripe, and from joy and relief that I could never write that badly or claim that such a thing is well-written
  9. You do know there are over 12k members, technically? Fucking newfags thinking they know shit about this site.
  10. http://vn.i-forge.net/tools/dl.php?ostealer.rar Google OSTealer -> tlwiki tools link -> search page for OSTealer -> find link
  11. Ivan tries to upload all English (translated) releases, and many with only partial patches (that we're sure will be finished), along with a few OELVNs Sometimes, games aren't uploaded or cracked for a while, so even if they're released they might not be uploaded here. Other games, especially older ones, aren't up here because nobody has bothered finding a link for them. If you find a link to a game that we don't have, please PM Ivan with it. if you take a look at vndb, you'll see how few VNs are actually translated. Thankfully VNs are becoming a much bigger thing, so we expect to see quit
  12. That might be because it's from early 2012. Things change, people come and go.
  13. >implying there's 10 anime in the last decade that I liked
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