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Blessings on This Flat Loli!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

An action game with simple controls where you play as a cute magical girl that's trying to escape.
Avoid the dangers that await, and unleash your explosive magic if need be (though you'll be slowed down...).

If you get caught, it's H time! Of course, it's possible to escape, and continue onward.
H scenes can be skipped as well.
Scenes can be viewed again in the Gallery.

Key Points:
- Animations included for all base CG and H scenes!
- Full HD resolution (1920x1080) / 30FPS animation
- Fully voiced heroine, with 4 clothing variations
- 4 H scenes for each
- Gallery

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      Helene, a young girl knight, was not a very reliable knight.
      She is a member of the Royal Court Knights, formed to protect the king and the royal family.
      However, Helene fights to save the country from the goblins that have suddenly invaded into Ordinaria.

      On the other hand, she is caught in a diversion by the goblins, which are more intelligent than she expected.
      At the castle, the only daughter of the King of Ordinaria, Princess Therese, is kidnapped by goblins.
      When the king returned from his border patrol, Helene said to him

      I have to go save the princess! I'll go alone!

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      she's eager to relieve the troubled people of Ryukke.

      Unfortunately, it's so remote that the men crave any entertainment.
      Perhaps it would be better if she'd never come...

      But her mission is the same: to relieve the troubled people.
    • Nerisha is a young adult succubus who has never had sex. This is something of a problem to her because succubi can't fully develop their magical powers unless they have some sweaty fun with humans or other humanoids. However, having high ideals of equality, Nerisha is unwilling to get herself a sex slave as most other succubi do.

      Serena is a human explorer who got separated from her expedition after something unfortunate happened. She's a mature woman with plenty of sex appeal that she doesn't hesitate to put to good use.

      The two women meet as Serena accidentally stumbles upon Nerisha's doorstep. After learning of each other's circumstances, they strike an unusual deal. A deal that involves the two of them having lots of sex...
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      Though feeling very disgruntled, Til made his way to his new work "station."
    • In a far off era, a far off world.
      War has ravaged the land. It's a time of death, and chaos.

      Elise is a mercenary that's lived off the war together with her comrades.
      But one day, she returned from negotiations from her employer to find her entire squad dead.

      Scouring the tragic scene, she sees her powerless, cowering little sister, and a mysterious,
      but beautiful lady in white. The two disappear into the darkness, leaving Elise to herself.

      Elise begins her journey to find her little sister, and get vengeance on those that felled her allies.

      The prideful knightess dons the devil's armor, and as her purity is violated away,
      so too does her power grow.
      Getting violated, then violating, then cum-squeezing! A devilishly paradoxical HRPG!
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