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  1. This one is, also, sadly mtl. By the devs, to add insult to injury shame, since this series look like a nice star wars parody
  2. kn1000a

    Venus Blood -Abyss-

    this one is actually an old mtl from fuwanovel : P
  3. kn1000a

    Fate/Empire of Dirt

    Would be a top game if not edited mtl'd
  4. kn1000a

    Asdivine Saga

    I think anything that catches @Ivan's attention
  5. didnt expect this kind of song to be in dragon maid
  6. Onmyoji also has surprisingly nice music for a gacha
  7. Those are big mecha vn titles, so now if you want more you have to look into games where mech isn't a focus https://vndb.org/v5883 I also suggesting looking into SRPG like https://vndb.org/v952 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Robot_Wars list of all titles with mecha genre, has english, and is on windows https://vndb.org/g377?m=1&f=022gen4owin&s=33w
  8. only sawano can make doremifasorasido sounds epic
  9. From the Vanitas anime. Has a JP version too. Anime version:
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