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  1. I thought it deserves a thread since it has been so long since he did any serialization. This time it's a bend on all the fantasy tropes of recent manga and older games. First chapter was promising : D https://mangadex.org/title/09bbbb75-1086-4e7c-b775-ae9ee1816e0d/versus The summary reads:
  2. kn1000a

    Soukoku no Arterial

    game is MTL, should be tagged as such
  3. https://twitter.com/web_giga/status/1594994102277480448 https://twitter.com/erogearealive/status/1595004296231145477 Pretty sad news considering how big of a pillar they are as a dev. Yet another bit the dust
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/BirdsArentReal/
  5. Gore is an entity that transcends all rational concepts, for he is a creature of chaos incarnate, far beyond the comprehension of mortal understanding. Nearly devoid of logical constancy, Gore’s sole anchor of reliability is the unwavering loyalty he exhibits towards Yuka. Taking the physical amalgamation of a cat, clown, devil, and machine, his perpetual madness is united with the deadly combination of sarcastic wit, insulting condescension, sadistic humor, and godlike power.
  6. VN? h-rpg? how old is it? short/long? lots of choices? needs more info
  7. kn1000a

    Phantom Thief Effy

    Just to clarify the patch is actually MTL, proceed with low expectation
  8. try joining the dlsite discord, they might be able to help in #techsupport https://discord.gg/asks84tC5T
  9. kn1000a

    Hot And Lovely 5

    why not try downloading it? if it doesnt work report it here
  10. Happy birthday! didn't expect that huh :lewd:

  11. are you running the game in japanese locale? Otherwise, no idea. It's an MTL so its hard to say where stuff break
  12. That's just how it is with japanese games. I would suggest learning JP and at least after a couple years you can read any JP game. If not, then yeah you just have to wait for proper translation.
  13. https://vndb.org/v20574 dont see any eng listed, so no there's no translation
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