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Koikatsu Sunshine

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6 hours ago, Farhan1110 said:

24 parts lol. Yeee I'm gonna wait for other download site....


51 parts.



Same company and similar game play mechanics: 84 parts.


Granted, my router is currently issuing death threats when ever my mouse pointer approaches the download links. It's still holding a lethal grudge from when I downloaded those above two titles.

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1 hour ago, Black_Lotus said:

Is this R1 or R2?

As the filename implies, it's R1.1


35 minutes ago, Outpost Omega J said:

I do not understand the question. What is the "R" you are referring to?

It's file version. "R" stands for "release".

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18 hours ago, Ivan said:

As the filename implies, it's R1.1


Oh, sorry didn't notice that. For R2 will it a new separate file like patch or download all from the beginning? If it's a separate file maybe I should download this now

Edited by Black_Lotus
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