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Study § Steady

  • Language: English, Chinese

Her first lesson about love started when she met you.
As you two spend time together, she gradually changes herself to match your type.

Perhaps she might call you by another name. Just by doing that, what had been normal conversations up till now would surely feel somehow more special. Hearing these whispers of love every day, whether with others or alone, will make you love her more and more.

Perhaps she might change her hairstyle. Surely it’s her way of mustering up the courage to appeal to you. How you will respond to her feelings is up to you.

Before long you will become true lovers. This is what they call ‘going steady’.

Returning from school together while holding hands.
An unexpected time alone in the classroom after school.
Exchanging presents during Christmas.
Welcoming the new year together at the temple.

Such a love story only for you is surely out there…


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So I had a problem with a bug in this VN that doesn't seem to be too widespread among many people (lucky me) but I found what appears to be a solution, or more accurately, one of commenters over on erogedownload.com did. Here's the relevant details for anybody else who is having this problem.


Bug: In the sixth choice overall (assuming there are no choices hidden behind the choices I didn't make) or the first choice where you chose a heroine by selecting a picture attached to a cork-board, the choices on the left and right all act as if you selected the bottom choice. Only the top choice and bottom choice actually worked correctly.


Apparent fix: Set your computer region settings to Japanese, as if you were playing a fan translated title and not an official English release.


Potential Explanation of why an official English release needs the Japanese region settings: The VN itself doesn't need it. It's the crack file that gets you past the DRM that does. Right click and select properties on the "ststeady.exe" file in where ever you extracted the .rar archives to. In the properties panel, select the "Details" tab. If you read the different line entries, you'll notice one that reads "Language: Japanese (Japan)".

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<Self redacted due to the fact I couldn't find out the new commands to apply the spoiler concealment tags, nor could I find a command to delete this post outright.>

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