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  1. Wong

    Atelier Agnes

    Had the same thought for a sec. Like, wait, Atelier!?
  2. -----Never mind this. I did not read the description thoroughly at first-----
  3. Wong

    Study § Steady

    ---edit--- never mind this comment ---edit2--- now that I'm here, here is the vndb link: Study SS Steady | vndb so Omega can take a break for once
  4. Thank you for pointing out the prequel, Omega.
  5. Wong

    9-nine- Episode 4

    Is this the final installation in the series though?
  6. Wong


    Omega is trapped in the shadow realm, so here it is Akuyaku Reijou Oyako no Geboku ni Natta no de Haramase Onaho ni Shitsukete Hametsu END o Kaihi Suru | vndb
  7. Utsuge... damn. Not sure if my heart can take it
  8. Wong

    Farther Than the Blue Sky

    As far as I know, it's the latter. There are easter eggs where the MC in 'If you love me, then say so' visits the school and talks with the MC in this VN.
  9. 6 months to a year, I guess. They started translating hatsukoi append and Hoshi ori last year, from what I remember. Anyway, that's a very good news. Couldn't ask for better a better VN than the Tonework's one.
  10. Not yet, as I recall
  11. Wong

    LOVE³ -Love Cube-

    It's PST time zone (west coast, US).
  12. Wong

    LOVE³ -Love Cube-

    This game is first noticed by me on 26th July 2019. Sorry Omega. I couldn't resist. lol I didn't mean to take the job from you though. Edit: LOVE3 -Love Cube-
  13. Thanks a bunch! 19 is the first school day. It would be awesome if you can steam it a little bit earlier than that, but it's ok though if you can't. Thanks again, Kn.
  14. I've been looking forward to Kimi no Suizo wo tabetai since its release in the theater. If you don't mind, Kn, please remind me when you are going to stream that.
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