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Looking for artists and actors for new ABDL / loli game

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Im a programmer without any real background, but would love to try and make my own eroge - but since im not an artist myself im now looking for one this way. Of course voice actors would be nice too, but thats for later. I cant pay anyone and if the game is ever to be finished, i wont charge for it either.


Now the game is supposed to be about ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover), and related to that with paraphilic infantilism.

Furthermore i definitely want some lolicon in it, but its not exclusive.

Everything beyond that is to be discussed with the people who want to work on the project, by that i mean about everything related to style, story and content.


I will name 4 people to work with me at max, that means one artist and 3 voice actors top.


If you want to work with me, just answer on the thread and tell me in a short version, which ideas of yourself you definitely would want in the final game.

That means sexual content wishes as well.


One last thing you may be wondering: How big is the project supposed to be?

Im guess, if i can gather people to work with me, we're talking about months here. The game is supposed to have some galleries and different story paths and endings and some stuff like that, but actually its a little soon to tell. Animations would depend on the artist, since it would be his effort.


I guess thats it for now, looking forward to your answers guys :)

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Good luck with this, I'm always surprised that people get inspired from eroge to MAKE their own VN when for me I always get an urge to translate a good VN to allow more people to enjoy it.


In any case, it'll be interesting to see where this leads if anywhere. good luck again

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See, for me there are 2 reasons for this.


I always get an urge to remake stuff from zero and entirely on my method of doing so. Antoher great example for this would be a pokemon-rpg im currently working on from time to time.


Im still pretty new to eroge, but i simply fell in love with it in that time. i liked hentai long before that, but to get to the point: the problem is, until now i couldnt find the right one for me. I've got a little special taste, so i actually consider it a struggle on my side.


And one last reason that just came to my mind, im looking forward to the programming and development work just as well, cause for me its more of a hobby than actual "work". It's the one thing i would call my "passion". But i get your point as well of course :)

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I'd say good luck for that, i've been using Ren'py but still not an expert yet and not even one game published yet, and i can't still accept the fact that Ren'py couldn't do what Kiri kiri could, like scrolling backward in a small window like what i usually see in most games i played.


Okay that aside, I do draw but i'm not prepared to draw hentai stuff. I did make a very short one but i sadly i can't show you since my hdd crash, i'd love to help a bit but i could't draw the Ero stuff, i could help drawing the repeated skies or scenery to help reducing the artist's burden though, and i'll do it for free if you want to. Three kind of skies or something like that. The only thing left from my supposed-to-be-Eroge is something you can see in my album called artwork though. Still not good enough but i think i'll get better. I'm glad someone's trying to do their own Eroges,I'd love to see how this turns out. A guilty pleasure, Eroge is.

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