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  1. I'd say good luck for that, i've been using Ren'py but still not an expert yet and not even one game published yet, and i can't still accept the fact that Ren'py couldn't do what Kiri kiri could, like scrolling backward in a small window like what i usually see in most games i played. Okay that aside, I do draw but i'm not prepared to draw hentai stuff. I did make a very short one but i sadly i can't show you since my hdd crash, i'd love to help a bit but i could't draw the Ero stuff, i could help drawing the repeated skies or scenery to help reducing the artist's burden though, and i'll d
  2. Better late than never. Try updating your gear Killer, sometimes i feel like the girl is whispering right into my ears..
  3. Late but whocares; thanks and welp, it was a good day :)

  4. Shingeki no Kyojin, well nothing to say about that though.
  5. Current fav: Seraphim - Kore ha Zombie desu ka? Eucliwood Hellschyte - Kore ha Zombie desu ka? Hiramatsu Taeko - Kore ha Zombie desu ka? Aikawa Ayumu - Kore ha Zombie desu ka? Nanami - Kore ha Zombie desu ka?
  6. I finished Saya and Kikokugai in this past few months used to avoid them because i was skeptical, i regret being like that.
  7. wish you all the best

  8. Agree.. those small stuff makes me feel livelier..since sometimes i don't skip OP ED Coalgirls and Thora, big files, used them plenty of times.
  9. Hardcore gaming headphones for VNs? Now that's... I am lacking in information in gaming headsets but i think i know Razer and they sell some hardcore gaming tools. I own a cheap headphones and it lasts quite a bit too, losing plenty of its original parts but still working.. quite a surprise that headphones costs around ten dollars could lasts this long.
  10. Commie? I see, well i guess i need to pay more attention to the show i watch Coalgirls? I've been using them a lot, i thought they are pretty good at what they do.. Both has nice reputations, and HorribleSubs, i use them a lot.
  11. Steinhauser and Bose, haven't tried them yet. This Bose QC15, noice cancelling headphones? I heard there are noise cancelling headphones and they use battery, producing some kind of static noises to reduce the outside noise. Explode? I thought that sweating a bit would have same effect as working out. I heard full sized headphones eliminate most noises, maybe you'll find it interesting. Open Headphones?
  12. Ouch thanks, i just didn't realize i made this thread and some people replied. I watched UTW-Hadena's Ookami san and i think they did it all right, so i guess they are a pretty nice group. .. I think the one i got didn't come from UTW, since no problem so far. For some reasons i haven't finished watching Accel World. Any particular reasons Desi? I was worried the first time gg came out, got some from them but so far so good, guess i am just lucky. As for Commie, i can't really remember but i guess they are pretty much all right.
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