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Recommend me good nintendo ds games

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Okay, how about Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story? Since you are a female, you might like that one, and it's available on Nintendo DS with English patch. There's also Nanashi no Game with an English patch as well (but that's more gruesome of a VN). Lux-Pain and Rosario to Vampire are also some of the choices for you, on Nintendo DS that is xD ...

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Try these if you haven't already:

The World Ends with You

Ace Attorney

Chrono Trigger

Radiant Historia

9 hours 9 persons 9 doors. This is a awesome game, if you decide to pick it up I recommend the more recent remastered version for pc, It has a flowchart and voice acting, which the original game didn't have.

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Bust a move

Advance war - any

Fire emblem

Dragon Quest IX

Castlevania Order of Eclessia

Devil Survivor 1& 2



I lost my DS but i still play these from time to time with Drastic Emulator on my smartphone. Runs and looks better then on a DS. And a hell of a lot more enjoyable then most smartphone crap games.

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