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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, As the Title says, I am looking for a good Safe Sega Saturn Emulator to Play the english Patched Sakura Taisen. I've seen Some sites, but I'm not sure what would be safe to use. Any Help is appreciated Thanks in Advance.
  2. Is there any recommendation of good Japanese romance simulator games? Like Amagami and Kimi Kiss.
  3. Hey everybody, I've been playing eroge games for some time now. And as much as I like the VN style of the majority games, the most fun I have with those games is when they spice it up with some gameplay. I know, there are a lot of H-puzzle games out there but since most of em they don't have a story, I don't really care about them. So I wanna ask: Does anybody here have some recomendations for some good games? Interactive games i've played so far: Boob Wars Beat Blades Haruka Brave Soul Eiyu Senki: The World Conquest (my favorite one)
  4. Im thinking bout reading a good Yuri vn. Can you recommend a very good Yuri vn? Thx in advance No hardcore pls.
  5. Take a scene from a visual novel or eroge and use your skills to recreate that scene in MSpaint or Paint.net. Here we have a scene from If My Heart Had Wings: . Looks good right? I'm a fan of realism so let's try a little of this and some of that... Wow! I almost can't even tell the difference! For my next trick watch me de-lewd Taimanin Asagi!
  6. So just finished "I walk Among Zombies". This is my first time playing VN with zombie story and i tought "hey it's good" Anyone know other games with zombie theme
  7. I know I requested one today, but I find a lot of good succubus games.. > Kanagi ~Inmu Gakuen~
  8. seems good Negligee: Love Stories on Steam
  9. looks good Hard Work
  10. Hello guys! Please kindly inform me if such messages are inappropriate, I'll delete it. I'm a good girl and do not want to bother someone breaking the rules. So here is my offer! Have you ever thought about getting your personal, private audio message in Japanese? I'm an owner of super cute anime-like voice and my Japanese pronunciation is also very good, almost genuine. If you would like, I will record something for you, you give me the lines (in English or Japanese), I translate it in Japanese if necessary and send you my voice acting. If you want to test my voice, I'll send you free
  11. someone know this kind of eroge please let's share it
  12. This is very good escude vn i hoep everybody like it ! Re;Lord 1 ~The witch of Hertfort and stuffed animals~ - 18+ Edition 18+ patch Re;Lord 1 ~The witch of Herfort and stuffed animals~ – Denpasoft
  13. Can somebody recommend me good Nintendo DS games? I have already Time Hollow on my Nintendo DS and Pokemon:-)
  14. I haven't really been part of the Eroge scene in a few years so I am looking for some suggestions. Ones I have read: Let's Meow Meow (I like cat girls), Snow Sakura (one of my favorites), Kana Little Sister (prob the best written ive read), Shuffle! (my favorite), School days (soooo fucked up but good) Immoral Study 1,2,3 (my first VN experience way back in the day) I am sure there have been a few others but those are the ones that came to my mind. I would really like something like Snow Sakura or Shuffle! but anything with a good mix of story, humor and a fair amount of choices wou
  15. As the title says, I just want some recommendations. My Criteria: 1. English translated, since I'm not a fan of machine translations. 2. Unless it's the protagonist doing it, I don't want any rape/NTR. 3. On a scale, with story-rich on one side, and nukige on the other, I would prefer story-rich, but if the art is good, then nukige is fine as well. * 4. I just felt like I had to put the criteria above, but all in all, if you feel that it's a VN worth recommending, then just put it out there. ** 5. The download doesn't have to be restricted to Eroge Downloads, it can be on any website
  16. i found this game on vndb and it looks really good so could you please upload this to this website
  17. could i request this? https://vndb.org/v16506 well is not eroge game but i see the review this games good https://vndb.org/v16506
  18. I've heard of a few brother/sister game pairings, but none that have really stuck out to me. I'm not looking for anything with loli or shota, and I don't want any forced stuff between them. (Step siblings are fine, though) I just want a good old fashioned brother/sister romance/smut game. Any suggestions?
  19. So, Karakara was just released and I was thinking of buying it. It's one of those titles that are released both in English and in Japanese (like NekoPara), but the premise really doesn't sound all that great. So, anyone have any idea if it's any good?
  20. Recently I lost all my motivations in playing games and I'm currently looking for something new, fresh, original, addicting and entertaining. Anyone knows any good games? (not visual novels)
  21. Well the episode 3 of most shows are starting to hit which is usually when I decide if im gonna stick with the show or not so I wanted to know what you guys are going to watch this season or what are you planning to watch after the shows are finished airing. I'm mostly just going to be watching second seasons but Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) looks really good so far and IMO has the strongest start this season If you don't already I recommend marking what your watching on Anichart like I do http://puu.sh/mEjza/98e9ca0415.jpg
  22. ...And it was really good! A bit convoluted and info-dumpy sometimes and a couple of inconsistencies, but, a really good read in the end. One of, if not the best, i've read so far. "so, what does this monster want from me?" Ha!, good stuff "Thief cat!"
  23. First post. Read the rules but I'm still uncertain. I think this would be good for the site. TF - Pastebin.com
  24. Does someone know any good site where I can download anime for free?
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