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  1. Hmmm... I am not a pro at this subject either. But I do have a few ideas how I would've perhaps approached the issue. I'd make the bosses less tanky, but also lower down the damage some skills do. Then I'd aim to tweak it what skill is more effective on which boss. I did notice in this game that you already tried something with this "what's more effectice on which boss", but I felt like it could've used more of that.
  2. So I finished the game. What can I say? I'm impressed. Not bad for someone's first attempt at game development. Not bad at all. It was pretty decent overall. Yes, lots of assets were taken from elsewhere, obviously, but for putting it up all together like this, you deserve respect. I finished the whole thing in 6-7 hours of playtime, doing literally everything that can be done in the world of this game. It's a love letter to this site and its community. I expected a parody, but it was more than that. I wish it was maybe even longer, and had more dialogues with everyone and some mor
  3. Damn, didn't even know you were developing a game, kn! Might check it out later. I am not one for parody games, but this seems interesting, given the premise 😤
  4. Who are you?

  5. It's MTLed and not worth the bother. Forget you ever saw it xD
  6. In before another MTL patch for an Eushully game.
  7. Not on PC. And I am a PC master race only.
  8. NekoNyan is gonna release Dracu riot officially at the beginning of next year.
  9. The article is confusing to me. That message at the end: "VNs are flopping." "Oh I know the solution! I'll just release more VNs and faster every month." Makes no fucking sense if you ask me.
  10. LOL, did you have trust in this community? Really? The only time the audience at these cons reacted was when more and more Rance got announced. They never react to other eroge. In fact, Sakura no Mori Dreamers was, if I remember correctly, multiple times on those yearly MG surveys. And yet now that they've announced it, I see people complaining how they are not gonna buy it if they don't localize the sequel too. The logic of these people :face_palm:
  11. There are many VN fans who are waiting for their favorite VNs to get TLed for a while. There are so many VNs without translations. Mai-Hime is just one of those. A tiny drop of water in an ocean of VNs out there. If we had as many TLers willing to work on these games, as big as this ocean of VNs, we'd have many of these TLed by now. Sadly, that's not the case Anyway, I'll bookmark and check Mai-hime later. I am a fan of good old VNs, and this one also appears to have an anime, so that's very cool. Thanks for the walkthrough :thumbs_up:
  12. Ah, this gem... shame no one ever translated it. It's a title I'd gladly read. I may TL it myself if I ever complete my JP studies. Any idea how long is the script?
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