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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if someone could recommend a game (or more games, even better), with the following features:


1) Content about rape and virgin girls, all right even if this is only a small part of the contents

2) Game with multiple endings/route; do not like games that do not give some choice.

3)The game is acceptable of any type, (Visual Novel, RPG, Strategy, etc), but it must not be too difficult

4) If it is uncensored it is better, but if the game is good it is acceptable a slight censorship as well.


Thanks in advance for the help :-)

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ill recommend some good ones containing adult stuff.


i highly recommend you reading school days and shiny days... those are very HUGE games but thats because everything is fully animated and thats awesome..


i also recommend fruits of grisaia and its sequel labyrinth of grisaia for the epic story and good porn


subahibi is also very good.


sharin no kuni also has godlike story, it even has a sequel called Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo


for a good comedy action i recommend majikoi series... the playing order of this vn is majikoi, majikoi S, majikoi A-1, majikoi A-2

one of the best ones with gameplay available are kamidori alchemy maester and bunnyblack 1 and bunnyblack 2

and last but not the least, personal favorites that have really good porn.


eroge, imouto paradise, libra the vampire princess, ikikoi, koichoco


actually most of the recent stuff from major publishers are good, specially the ones from mangagamer. a publisher that

almost everything they release is uncensored... there are alot more good stuff, but this would be a good starter pack

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As for the VNs, I think I could recommend HatsuKoi, Beat Blade Haruka, and Seinarukana for the starter. As for HatsuKoi, most of the girls were virgins and it's quite lighthearted in regard of tone. For Beat Blade Haruka, it was had a lot of rape and some of those could be over the top to say the least. Seinarukana did had the gameplay, and it was quite fun if I may say about that. For more recommendations here, I could recommend both of Wagahigh and Dracu Riot here although there's no rape in those two though. For the last recommendations here, I could suggest both of Koiresort and Koiken Otome here if you want some more light VN ie no rape. Hope you like those VNs, and you could search the VNs here.

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