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Can someone please translate games from Yakiniku!Banzai! ?

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So I played the series "War of the Human Tanks" (all three parts) and am so amazed by it that I want to play more games from Yakiniku!Banzai! Unfortunately it's a (totally unexpected btw) Japanese site and, well, there is a reason I'm registered here since yesterday (and "fully" thanks to the site admins help today).


So, I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong by making a request here, but i would really like it if anyone would translate a game from here (site Japanese): ?????????? ???.com ????????


I would really prefer a game with the same artstyle as War of the Human Tanks (though I think every game there has it) and it should be as Long as possible. I would prefer asking a series of multiple VNs being translated, but I fear that whoever would do the translation wouldn't have enough time and/or patience to do it, so "just" (I don't know if I can "just" request this) one long one would be satisfying for me, preferably with the same or a similar battle system as in War of the Human Tanks, be it futuristic or fantasy.


I'm pretty sure that none of their games have any H content, I only want to play for the fun (though I do play eroges from time to time).



If I shouldn't have posted this here please give me a warning and delete this if necessary. Also sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker and annoying (!!!) autocorrect.



With high hopes,





P.S. My first post ever here! Yay!


P.P.S. What des this site say? I'm really a big fan of WotHT: http://yakiniku-banzai.com/htc/ (not that I think someone will ever help me out with that.)


P.P.P.S. Thank you again Site Admin for helping me with my registration!

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