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Philosophical Debate: Should VN's actually be classified as "games"?

Should VNs be classified as "games"?  

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  1. 1. Should VNs be classified as "games"?

    • Yes
    • No

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1) A game is something you do for the sake of entertainment.

- You play Visual Novels for the sake of entertainment, so yes it is a game


2) A video game is an electronic game where you control the graphical images on a video screen.

- While it isn't much you do control the game through clicking and advancing the text, picking choices etc, so yes it is also a video game


At least from my understanding.


Edit: I guess a better word to describe most Visual Novels would be interactive game.

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Well since VN's are such a broad gerne now it's hard to give a single awnser:


If it's a pure virtual novel with just text, images and maybe some path choises i would say no.

Because it feels more like a choose your own adventure book and those not a game.


But if it would have something more to it like the character managment in Beat Blades Haruka, i would say: Yes that VN is a game.

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They are something you go into that requires player input, and has a goal that is acheived through that input. Even if there are no choice based bits of dialogue, it still has an end goal that the player strives towards by clicking through dialogue. That's the very definition of a game.

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While you can make decisions in interactive novels and that technicality counts as game play, you could simply call that "game play" an interactive e-book as you said. Some VNs have actual game play but if it plays like a normal game then it really isn't a visual novel any more its a video game. I consider both interactive and non interactive VNs neither books nor games because they aren't on or the other; they are there own separate genre of entertainment.

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My opinion based on visual novels is, they are more or less a book for me with the difference that I can kinda decide where the story is going.

As bonus you have a more "picture book" style with voices etc. but generally i would count them more towards books than games, i mean u "read" them most of the time and not "play" per se.

There are exceptions like YU-NO or other RPG like VNs but overall they tell great storys and are often even bigger than most books out there if you count text/words alone.

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And I thought my poll shambled on for a little bit further as a the zombie that wouldn’t stay dead...


I don’t know the answer to your question, Marleneelics, and even if I did, this thread has nothing to do with your question, not to mention it is quite stale with the last post being August 25th of last year. If you are so obviously going to derail the thread, please start a new thread instead in the future.

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