• Grisaia Drama CD - Amane's Naked Apron Time

    how did you end up in the world of eroge-amanes-naked-apron-time-png

    グリザイアの果実 購入特典(メディオ!) とってもエッチな録り下ろしドラマcd「天音の、裸エプロンタイム♪」

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    1. HAREMKINGJAKE's Avatar
      whats this about?
    1. desi's Avatar
      desi -
      A 15 minute audio CD with SumikAmane getting fucked.
    1. StÓr's Avatar
      StÓr -
      Sounds awesome then, best thing in this whole site
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      my new ringtone

      thanks Ivan
    1. ScythYang's Avatar
      ScythYang -
      It juz Audio only ? Not a Video ?
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