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  1. Stàr

    Kimomen Demo Harem Guild

    The hyper weapon :v
  2. Stàr

    How are you Desi :? I hear you are super busy now but is everything good? Hope it is :v Hopefully see you someday again on the SB :v

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1URzwlqOL0 I actually really like the songs in Beck, re-watching it right now and it's pretty good. I find this opening to be amazing even with the Engrish. "You are the sun, you are the star! To me forever!" It's cute and it Feels Good Man.
  4. Happy Birthday Soren, have a good one commoner :)

  5. Soothing also started watching the new fate/stay anime, I think it fits the fate/stay theme
  6. hmmm how common is it for people to watch anime? Like here where I live and at my age (19) everyone knows and watches GoT and I was wondering what do people watch in Japan? Is anime a small or medium group or do most people watch anime? Idk if this is been asked already but I wanted to ask a question any way! Awesome thread Hiro, thank you.
  7. Chess, Dota 2 and a little bit of Hearthstone. Hard core casual.
  8. I actually had not seen the yin and yang symbolism until now. The stark contrast between the symbol and blood colored bandanna that makes the avatar look like some ninja from a stick figure game is pretty cool. The avatar isn't to my taste but the symbolism and contrast I like so 6.7/10. If it has some kind of meaning 7-9/10.
  9. This might be spoiler-ish if you have not read Saya no Uta My English is terrible when I don't take my time to re-read and edit. I'm so sorry. Thank you Jaeger for calling me out on my post. I think I was over reacting cause someone said that we would all be Fuminoris if we were in his shoes. I think he is an understandable character and he and Saya for sure do actions we would also do which is part of the beauty of this particular VN. I love how ugly and depraved things are presented in a way that it's really hard to call them that and justified by an emotion such as love. I stand b
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