• Killer Queen

    13 players are locked inside an abandoned building, each with a PDA representing a playing card from A to K and a collar device set around their necks. Each of the 13 PDAs correspond to a different set of objectives, and if a player doesn't fulfill their PDA's objectives in 72 hours, their collar will explode.

    No one knows who has which PDA, and players are at a disadvantage if they proceed alone. But in this deadly game filled with mistrust and paranoia, who can you trust ... ?

    Download "Killer Queen" game:

    Download "Killer Queen" English Patch:
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    1. Yu Narukami's Avatar
      Yu Narukami -
      just 449.1 MB?? i thought it's will be larger....
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      Based on previous post, the game first appeared on 10/12/14.
    1. jusje's Avatar
      jusje -
      is it normal to see the writing part i cant see images
    1. Clairvoyance's Avatar
      Clairvoyance -
      I swear to god, this game has the most annoying sound effect ever when you hover over stuff with the mouse in the menu. My ears are bleeding.
      Can't say anything else about the game yet :P
    1. OOGABOOGA's Avatar
      It was ok.... a VN with zero choices gets pretty damn boring.
    1. AgeOfApocalypse's Avatar
      AgeOfApocalypse -
      Meh. . . after seeing the beginning I was expecting some great stuff, but the game didn't deliver
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      so which part was interesting ???

      thanks for the game
    1. OOGABOOGA's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Just playing View Post
      so which part was interesting ???

      thanks for the game
      I guess the intro and the premise o_O.

      It seemed pretty interesting but with no choices and how the various heroine "routes" are handled let me down quite a bit.
    1. ale137's Avatar
      ale137 -
      so its a picture book
    1. tubehunter's Avatar
      tubehunter -
      This is not a game, since up until now, I didn't get to make a decision even once. >_>
    1. Whitetragedy's Avatar
      Whitetragedy -
      I think they translated this to get you ready for the sequels
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