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    After defeating the demons, Orion Sun thought she could finally live in peace, enjoying her everyday life and love for Osamu, but she was wrong! The demons were still alive, and worse, their leader, Gildart, has now possessed the boy she loves, using his body to have their way with her! Who else will suffer as the demons run amok while she tries to save her beloved?!

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    1. Bernkastel's Avatar
      Bernkastel -
      Another one from Nukigegamer, well good enough until the patch forGrisaia n.n
    1. nisashi13's Avatar
      nisashi13 -
      yes~! finally another tentacles game beside Lilith, i just can't enjoy the eyeroll from them
    1. Exsilon's Avatar
      Exsilon -
      Nukigegamer strike again...
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      demon who rape girls , not bad
    1. nisashi13's Avatar
      nisashi13 -
      is the event before kill Gildart only in the Light Novel?
    1. soulxeater's Avatar
      soulxeater -
      Yes, just like I like it...
    1. Vehn's Avatar
      Vehn -
      Uhm, I don't have high expectations for this one. Maybe it could be a decent time killer. :P
    1. killerinsidee's Avatar
      killerinsidee -
      Here's a 100% save for this one. I am yet to actually read it, but the h-scenes are very weak. Definitely not worth your time even if you're into the mindbreak/tentacle/monster stuff.

      Attachment 9279
    1. darkluke123's Avatar
      darkluke123 -
      how would you use the save file?
    1. ultimecea's Avatar
      ultimecea -
      just copy and overwrite it in the save files
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