• Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048

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    The apocalypse known as “The Third” occured as a result of mankind’s tasting the deadly fruit of nuclear technology. The massive radiation released in the holocaust of world war mingled with the genetic fallout from biological weapons, creating horrific mutations that came to be called “Yoju”. These beasts bred in the bodies of humans and multiplied, covering the blighted landscape and pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.

    It is now the year 2048. As mankind’s final gamble in the struggle against the Yoju, a squad of genetically engineered cyborgs was created – the A.S.S.P. Its members posess combat ability far beyond that of normal humans, and have been programmed with the complete database of anti-Yoju strategies and tactics researched over years of war. These female biosoldiers have become humanity’s last line of defense against total annihilation, and you have been chosen to command them.
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    1. erogeking's Avatar
      erogeking -
      this has to be the worst eroge i have ever played the h-scenes go for like 3 lines and the gameplay takes forever
    1. chaosineffect's Avatar
      chaosineffect -
      It really wouldn't be so bad, because there's at least some actual game play, but there's no way to heal after any mission. you just go into the next mission with the same amount of health. I dunno, maybe I'm just missing something about it but I got bored with this one too.
    1. korewa2's Avatar
      korewa2 -
      Is it me or I enjoy Playing this........
      Nah not the H-Scene but the game....

      And it Challenging
    1. Azada's Avatar
      Azada -
      Meh. Im a fan of TBS games and I gotta say, this one's sub par. The fights take forever to finish which wouldn't be so bad if they were actualy fun to play. The VN part of the game's not much better. The story's boreing and predictable snd the characters are just.... bland I guess? I would recomend skipping this, except there arn't realy that many eroge translated so you gotta play what's available i guess :/
    1. ultimecea's Avatar
      ultimecea -
      actually i thought its kinda nice for a game at its time..
      after all the main theme were rape and tentacles...
      plus..the fights didnt take that long at all...
      about 10-15 minutes per battle...unless you go with wrong setup and strategy
    1. Maoh's Avatar
      Maoh -
      I used Cheat Engine to increase the speed but the battle system is stupid anyways
      the cg was kinda nice tho
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