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  1. Azada

    Libra of the Vampire Princess

    The translation is.... so so? It's all gramaticly correct, but most of the sentences seem off. Like the conversations don't flow right. Its kind of annoying. :/
  2. Azada

    Chrono Clock

    Is this the steam version? Tag says adult only.
  3. Pretty fantastic so far. Just wish the art style wasn't so.... flowery? I don't really know how to explain it. Hopefully it starts to grow on me as i play
  4. Azada

    Valkyrie Svia

    Its included because it's a fetish that alot of people get off to. Keep in mind that, as a nukige, games like these are mainly masturbation material. If you want non rape story, go play something like majikoi or deardrops.
  5. Azada

    Valkyrie Svia

    Could be worth a quick fap if nothing else.
  6. Glad to see this is moving along! To be frank, I half expected this project to just randomly die off like most often do.
  7. Believe it or not, Cosplay Fetish Academy. Suprisingly OK game despite it's nukige title. Played it expecting to jerk off, got agitaded by the fact that they were'nt fucking in the first 10 minutes and kept playing to hopefully see some action. Eventualy i started taking an interest in the characters and laughing at all the jokes and decided to see if there were more games out there like that.
  8. Agreed. Try anything by alicesoft thats been translated.
  9. Kudos man. Couldn't get through a single route. I get that people like tsunderes, but did every scene really have to be all of them insulting the protaganist for no reason? Just seemed to be too much tsun and not enough dere int this game.
  10. Had pretty much the same experience as you with that one. Loved koihime musou, so i was realy looking forward to another game like that with a proactive protagonist and a bunch of heroines with varying personalities. Didn't really deliver with this one, but I did have some fun with it at least.
  11. Azada

    Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

    Just a heads up. Don't dl this if you hate tsunderes or generaly don't enjoy all the heroines verbaly abusing the main character for absolutly no reason. If your cool with all that, have fun. I know I didn't -_-
  12. Had no idea this was a thing. Looking forward to this helv. If I wasn't so busy with school, work, and beta testing for MG, I'd help you out too. lol
  13. Meh. Im a fan of TBS games and I gotta say, this one's sub par. The fights take forever to finish which wouldn't be so bad if they were actualy fun to play. The VN part of the game's not much better. The story's boreing and predictable snd the characters are just.... bland I guess? I would recomend skipping this, except there arn't realy that many eroge translated so you gotta play what's available i guess :/
  14. Not any time soon, but if Realy Realy sells well MG might pick it up.
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