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About Me

  1. Hi everyone, I used to play this game years ago. Right now i want to play this game again and can't remember the name. So if anyone knows the name of this vn, please help me out. What i remember are; Timeline : 2024 In japan where man population are a lot lower than women population hence declining human population. Story : one day the protagonist got the H.F.F so called Humanity Freedom Foundation card which basically allows the character to have sex with any girl who saw this card. U have to pay money to those girl. High class cost more, low class cost less. Basically, you work,
  2. I only recently (less than 6 months) discovered the joys of eroge. I've been going in blind and trying out games at a whim, but I've noticed that this often ends in disappointment or mediocrity. So, I figured I would ask the kind community of people who have played a lot of eroge if there is anything out there that might cater to my tastes. Obviously everyone has their different tastes, but I know there are games to cater to everyone. If you have a suggestion, a small description would be nice, too. Things I'd like to avoid: Rape. Not big on that. Especially if there's crying. Nothing will
  3. Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~ Anybody has a walkthrough for this VN? I got 3 endings, 1 for 2 main girl and 1 for both. But i'm still missing about 40% of the H-gallery.
  4. I'm just re-posting what I wrote in the comments section of the game Tropical Liquor.
  5. Years ago, I played an eroge, and now I cannot remember what it was called, and its been starting to bug me so I've searched, but haven't been able to find it yet. It was about students in a school, and how the main character joins the health club. In the health club, they have sex instead of actual club activities. It included a girl with a cat hoodie, the MC's love interest with blue hair, a shota-type of boy, and a white haired girl from what I remember, and from how far I was in the game. The game was also in English. The plot from what I remember was the MC found the cat hoodie girl and t
  6. Several months ago a video was popping in my recomandations frequently. It was a video about bad ending in a visual novel. This video started with MC laying in the bed with pink haired girl after they just had a threesome(there was also a guy downstares). After chatting the girl decides to go downstairs and suddenly a girl with long black hair and a baseball bat crawls out from beneth the bed and goes downstairs. After hearing 2 strikes the girl returns in the room and decides to take out the MC too. She said that she had hoped that after the MC finds out what a slut that pink haired girl was,
  7. I need the english version and please, nothing from onlyhgames...
  8. I would like for the game Girl Knight Milk, Treasure Hunter Mai, The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets - Elf Girl Mimia, and the Delta Series to be posted here the links to their translations are here but I cannot find the games themselves: [Complete - Full] RJ171384 - [shoku]少公女騎士みるく - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Complete - Full] [RJ159285] Treasure Hunter Mai - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Complete - Full] The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets - Elf Girl Mimia - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Complete - Full] [不志陀羅亭]The Delta Series - The Unofficial LineMarvel Foru
  9. admin please put this game on our site
  10. I have been looking for something like this for weeks now. I am looking for a game (I think they are mostly otome games right?) that let you play as a female character, where you have routes with male charcters (multiple or not, it doesn't matter) and that actually has some real H-scenes in there. Not off camera or censored. Real, actual sex scenes in the game. Like any eroge would. Besides that, I would love the H-scenes to (obviously) be from the female point of view. They don't have to be otome games, just anything that follows all of those rules. I want to play the female counterpart to
  11. Here's a list with download links of all the exclusive patron stuff. "Day 1" build : download "Day 2" build : download "Day 3" build : download Adeline showcase build : download Shark girl scene : download Shark girl 2nd scene : download Nekomata animations : download Halloween build : download Slime scene 2.0 : download Surprise Shuri build : download VA build : download Fuyuko build : download ! I'm not going to update this thread anymore because I stopped being a backer. There was just too little progress overall, at least in my opinion !
  12. Disclaimer: I am not the game's developer. I am simply a supporter that wants to promote his game. The creator is Bluepy Sax. Patreon---> https://www.patreon.com/bluepysax Think of it as Monster girl Quest with 3d Graphics. At the start of the battle the Enemy tries to seduce you ( like the imp fight in Part 2). You can either give in or start the actual combat with the enemy. If you lose the Battle, it is Game Over Rape time![​IMG] upload_2017-6-7_5-27-46.gif Just recently he released a FREE Purblic demo which features: - a hub world - a Dungeon with 2 Enemies. - a recolle
  13. ~Monster Girl Island Demo Download~ Ever wonder what monster girl quest would feel like if its 3D? well, this game is very similar but it's not an RPG. it has been a year and the game is looking more gorgeous than ever. i am not sure if he/she is japanese, but the quality of the characters are really well made, which is rare. the game demo is available for download on the download section on the bottom part of this post. POST UPDATE: aside from the demo available on his site, i'll be sharing some premium content exclusive for patreon only that i got a hold of. Note: Th
  14. >-- X change 2 | Spoilerless Review -- Title: X Change 2 vndb link: https://vndb.org/v128 Length: 10-30 hours vndb description: my personal description: A bonafide dating sim that heavily focuses on fun and comedy and has a wide range of heroines and possibilities. and a dating sim can't get any closer than this one. this vn is for you if: 1) you want a vn that is heavily influenced by your decission 2) you love funny, school life, random logic vn 3) you want multiple heroines 4) you are tired of serious vn's 5) you want tons of outcomes and endings 6
  15. Hello my dear friends I really like Eroges, even though some are really strange. But they contain very good ideas so it is very nice playing them. Recently I was thinking about an eroge which from the point of view of a girl. I was wondering if there is any eroge where you actually play as a girl and try to conquer men hearts and where you can go different routes. It's interessting playing as many different eroges as possible to see as many stories and ideas as possible. So if anybody knows a good eroge where the protagonist is a girl, please feel free to tell me the name, so I can play it
  16. The evil organization Fakker has been terrorizing the residents of the city at night, abducting people left and right. One woman stands against them: Magical Valkyrie Frostia, a transforming hero who takes down any villains who stand against her. One day, she saves another woman with the potential to transform and fight alongside her. Will her new friend be able to transform into Magical Valkyrie Lyristia and stop Fakker's misdeeds for good?
  17. Ivan


    Yuina woke up in an unfamiliar forest… She wondered aimlessly inside to meet a succubus who has lost her body and memories. They join forces to reach their goals: Yuina, to go back home, and the succubus, to get her body back. Their journey begins now.
  18. Ivan

    Ark of Artemis

    Half a year passed since the world was destroyed by the angels ——After receiving the letter from the Chivalry Order, Claudia decided to set off for the Demon Continent, but she was attacked by angels on her way. After gaining the power of the divine weapon, she was able to repel the angels. Accidentally, she ran into a divine beast sealed in the ice, but this made her be involved in a series of terrible troubles. Can Claudia's fate still be in her own hands?
  19. Ivan

    The Ten Heroines

    My new computer game finally arrived! Upon activation, the protagonist finds himself... in-game!? He somehow stumbled into the game as a playable character. Furthermore, he's the hero! Hmmm... The NPC girls are quite hot... In search of clues for returning back to reality, the hero begins his journey.
  20. Ivan

    EP Doll

    There was no text in this work, the system was complicated, and I couldn’t guide because I didn’t have enough experience to make it for the first time.
  21. Ivan

    Wizardess Lintiara

    “Lintiara Dia Ranzerouge”. She is a wizardess and beloniging to the chivalric order of the Kingdom. She fight with the evil organization, “Rebellion”. She was assigned to subdue the executive of Rebellion who is in “The Kingdom of Esia”. She came to Esia alone …Do you think she can stay away from pleasure? Or…
  22. Ivan

    Academy Quest

    The world is about to be swallowed by darkness. In order to save the world from the hands of evil, the kings of the world have come up with an answer; Revive the legendary heroes. One man was chosen as the best candidate to carry out this task. The hero of the story has a special ability to power up the opposite sex. He is hired as a teacher by the state for his abilities. But the time limit is " 2 weeks". He has to raise the girls to be brave in 2 weeks.
  23. A younger student told you she liked you, but you held off reacting until the results for your university entrance exams are back. If you pass, it's all smooth sailing and you can tell her your feelings with the confidence of success. Her affection not yet returned, she works doubly hard to turn your head by becoming an idol. But in that time, other men slipped between her pure legs and turned her into a salivating bitch whore!
  24. A side-scrolling action RPG with the female Lord Knight from Ragnarok Online as the protagonist. However, the game can be enjoyed even if you aren't familiar with the source material! In this 2.5D game (a 2D scroller made using almost entirely 3D models), you play as the Knightess Emilia, and use swords, knives, tomahawks, and more to destroy your enemies. Gather power-up items, and blast through the fields and dungeons! If enemy attacks bring you to 0 HP, or you receive consecutive attacks, you will go down. If you have HP, you can still get back up, but if monsters catch yo
  25. In the hot sunny summer ......, I came to the countryside. Grandpa take me to his house where I would spend my summer vacation. There was a girl in a white dress ....... Bug catching, play tag, skirt flipping, summer festivals, girl drying her wet clothes at the waterside...... The bittersweet memories of the summer make me an adult. Memories of a summer spent in the countryside. Summer festival, girl in white dress, bittersweet summer. ...... There are lots of naughty events! Night crawling, wet clothes, erotic books, bathing together, public sex...etc.
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