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  1. Don't know the exact origin of mine, found it years ago and used it ever since. Just like the look of my avatar nothing more to it, (shrugs).
  2. I will say one this site uploads VN translated to english but doesn't do the translating of any of these VNs here. You are asking for VNs not even being translated or are translated to english so unless you are asking for the japanese version then your best bet is asking a fan translation group or Mangagamer who did the one that is in english to translate those.
  3. I was talking about the comment above mine, sorry for the confusion.
  4. Let me fix a misunderstanding here, this isn't by sakura but a new dev by the name of FlatChestDev.
  5. What's nice is they are partnered with Jastusa now so the chances of a translation getting done is better.
  6. Jesus people stop buying their crap and developers need to stop giving them license, they are literally screwing the English VN industry.
  7. It asking for the dvd to play, what you will need to do is find the no dvd patch to fix that
  8. For compatibility mode right click the games .exe and click properties, game properties will then open up from there click the compatibility tab and turn that mode on and choose the program to run it in. These instructions are for the windows. Please don't ask which mode because I wouldn't know, it's been a while since I tried running that game.
  9. Time for some quick thoughts, just started but something to consider but there is no options I can see to turn down the volume which is too loud in my headphones so I have to manually turn it down in volume control. Have options in the menu so that can be control would be helpful and also consider having that on the title screen as well. Also I finding that the lack of letters such as e or the just the misspelling and wrong sentence structure is just throwing me off and making it hard to understand what being said. Now this sounds like a bad criticism but know I have to mention this since I ju
  10. I believe the information for Lulu Farea 2 is incorrect based on the Wip page, there is 5 chapters but it looks like only the prologue is done and they just started working on chapter 1 but not any of the other chapters yet.
  11. Oh no all-age, but really it's cool that Baldr Force got translated will definitely check it out.
  12. No Problem (^▽^), tried to find that main one but couldn't find it.
  13. Well Please bang my wife already here https://erogegames.com/please-bang-my-wife-806/ Edit: Here is Eddy Chapter 1-34 since volume are just the bundles of chapters. 1-25 (swf) https://mega.nz/#!8rIngKgI!oSa53w29L1Q4ZhgTva2XvydMhzERIeRHf9z54YMFBk0 26-34 (html5) https://mega.nz/#!pjxGyKKK!fvn65JPZjtIe_3CE6pZaNhpmoI2aPAI7SV6tcHzAzYI Devious: https://mega.nz/#!WpYDiK5a!sNSBb-tRitWSfgeRjwzh9TNTX9yilWEqVcXAhc72mn4
  14. Man totally forgot Dracu-Riot was a leak, bless whoever leaked it. Projects on ice from sekai huh, not really surprised.
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