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  1. Its one of the new vns on nutaku and has traps. I love traps. Alas i cant find anywhere to download it that hasnt been deleted. Thanks.
  2. Just wondering since i dont think a tag exists.
  3. Didnt think so. Its brand new soooo i wondered if ivan would crack it straight from nutaku lol
  4. Thanks ^.^ Just need the main one now.
  5. New one only with hentai now. I dont think the last one did. Can you add it? I love traps and there are so few trap hentais and i dont think there are any translated ones that arnt on here. Thanks. Highschool Romance: Magi Trials - Visual Novel Sex Game | Nutaku Oh also this would be nice. Its futanari and i cant find it anywhere. Eddy Bear Volume 2 - Kinetic Novel Sex Game | Nutaku Oh and these. I love female protagonist ones but ive read every one on here. Eddy Bear: The Prequel Vol 1 - Kinetic Novel Sex Game | Nutaku Devious - Action Adventure Sex Game | Nutaku Please
  6. Awesome thanks. I looked for critical hit everywhere and came up with nothing.
  7. Heres a few i cant find on here from nutaku i would love to get if possible. Im horrid at sifting through the search here though so i might have missed some. The first one was the one i couldnt find anywhere. These are the last ones i really wanted from the few ive requested to find out wernt possible so hopefully these are. I love futa and trap ones but it seems like there arnt any in english that arnt one here besides these sadly. Thanks. Critical Hit Critical Hit - Kinetic Novel Sex Game | Nutaku Tears of Yggdrasil Tears Of Yggdrasil - Visual Novel Sex Game | Nutaku
  8. This would be nice. Supposed to have a finished english patch. Daiteikoku
  9. Eh really? Guess i wont be getting any new kamidori like games for a long time then x.x Dun know japanese lol
  10. I loved kamidori and just realizd they made one before it and one after it and according to vndb they both have english translations so i wondered if you could get them. If only kamidoris expansion was translated so i could add that to. Thanks ivan Himegari Dungeon Meister Amayui Castle Meister
  11. Thanks for the add...

    see you at the forums...

  12. Yay ish huggles youuuu ^.^ Ive been trying to do that for a month, altho ish still dun get a few things. Oh and as far as games go CROSS†CHANNEL is my faverite I love anime but since I dun know anyone who likes it I dun know very many storys or much about it... CROSS†CHANNEL still the best to me tho >. Its so hard to find a truely intresting story...Well in my opinion anyway...
  13. Well ish cryed at a few points... However most of all the end... I wont explain about myself but the sadness of being totally alone got to me... And ish a girl x.x I just cant figure out how to edit my profile...
  14. Ummm I think CROSS†CHANNEL is the best... Its extremly hard for me to feel anything and CROSS†CHANNEL is the olny one that has ever made me cry...
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