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  1. hey, saw your signature and it really piqued my interest, what is it?

  2. I think I started that a long time ago but never really progressed since the pc it was on broke. I'll re-download it again and try it out. If I remember correctly it was pretty short. Thanks!
  3. Thank you again, I will. And god dammit. Oh well~
  4. Oh god thank you so much. I have to play ~Da Capo~ now. I'll most likely check out Dual Phase Soukakurou and Neko Kawaigari! too. I've always been some what interested in Stepmother's Sin so I might give it a try but let's be honest, blood related incest is the only good incest. However Imouto Ijime wasn't all that bad aside from the poor translation, nor was Hitomi.
  5. Any good lolicon eroge? Hoshizora no Memoria had some good loli themes, as well as Wanko to Kurasou (even though there aren't any actual loli routes ;_; ) Some incest is also nice. So I guess... lolicon/incest eroge general?
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