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  1. Something I setup for a friend the other day is using ResizeEnable: http://www.digitallis.co.uk/pc/ResizeEnable/ This lets you resize applications, even if windows doesn't allow you to. Of course this may not necessarily be the same as fullscreen, but you can technically just resize the application to your entire screen. This is also really handy for VN's that have a fixed resolution that the game doesn't let you change : p
  2. Does any error message pop up? If it's japanese, make a screenshot. Otherwise, try running it with AppLocale, if that does not work, try setting your system locale to japanese. Though I did not have to do that when I played Kanon, I had other VNs just randomly crash unless my timezone was set to japan as well, maybe try that if you want, but I doubt that's the problem. If you're up to it, I'm 99% certain a VM will make it work.
  3. Maybe you wanna give this one a try too: Hatsukoi I read it many years ago, and remember it being better than average (they're even related by blood). I'm usually not too much of a fan with drama in that regards, but this one has it (a certain person really doesn't like them going out). If you can't read jap, there is a partial patch, that translates the route you're looking for.
  4. max, you there??

  5. When extracing a mulit-file archive, you just need to extract the first one. The other ones will automatically be extracted along with the first one.
  6. My vote goes to Touhou Kenchinroku 2 because I haven't read any of these, and because it's Touhou.
  7. Hey Max >.>)~ HB and what not~

  8. Happy Birthday!~

  9. desi

    Happy b-day, Max. Welcome back.

  10. Rin

    Happy Birthday.

  11. also, add me back on skype. i was very disappointed that you un-added me for some reason

  12. MAX!! You are my everything, of course <3

  13. I wanna be your Yotsuba again. Will you let me?

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