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  1. I downloaded using that link and for now it works great, thank you so much
  2. sure i'd join, since you ask
  3. Everything except the language of the system is Japanese, but I'm not taliking about the japanese letters but rather the questionmarks
  4. Since there were problems with RealLive, I tried downloading a different VN. Thus I downloaded Fate Hollow Atraxia, and similar problems ocured where while setting up the game everything was written in complete gibberish (I'll post some photos). What am I doing wrong? (About the photo: the icon for the game does show up but when I click Ok system says there is a mistake and nothing happens, if I click the other option the Icon for the game disappeares and I have to go through the proces of setup again.)
  5. it's a program that let's you emulate any software be it windows xp or even apple, there are a lot of vidos on tat topic on youtube. One that I use is Oracle VM Oracle VM VirtualBox
  6. have you tried downloading a virtual machine
  7. Quick update if you guys are still here I downloaded VM and am "emulating" windows 7, all possible settings about location are set in Japan, I downloaded all 3 parts of free download Kanon and extracted them and sent the folder to the Windows 7 And again all the same stuff happened. Here is the video Kanon on Vimeo
  8. That can happen too? Shit Is there another way for me to play Kanon or should I just buy it on Steam? Would Virtual Machine Work?
  9. I downloaded all 3 part of Kanon+ English patch. I extracted all the files from winrar and I entered the apication named RealLive. Not only is everything in Japanese even though I installed the English patch and patched the game but after going to New Game it automaticly crashes. Waht am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
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