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About Me

  1. Since there were problems with RealLive, I tried downloading a different VN. Thus I downloaded Fate Hollow Atraxia, and similar problems ocured where while setting up the game everything was written in complete gibberish (I'll post some photos). What am I doing wrong? (About the photo: the icon for the game does show up but when I click Ok system says there is a mistake and nothing happens, if I click the other option the Icon for the game disappeares and I have to go through the proces of setup again.)
  2. I downloaded all 3 part of Kanon+ English patch. I extracted all the files from winrar and I entered the apication named RealLive. Not only is everything in Japanese even though I installed the English patch and patched the game but after going to New Game it automaticly crashes. Waht am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
  3. this is a first for me for a game from this site The problem is that the game itself doesnt start. I click on the icon and the window is opened but it's in blank(black) state i try opening other game and it's work, i wonder why it's just this one? has anyone run into the same problem?
  4. I download it from here: https://erogegames.com/yosuga-no-sora-248/ Extracted and used WinCDEmu then went to setup.exe The problem is that the game itself doesnt start. I click in the icon and nothing happens. Yes, i already changed my region, and even the language, from Windows, both to Japan. I also tried to restart computer after changing to Japan and already tried to reinstall a bunch of times. A strange problem is that when im running the setup.exe everything is like: "??????" "fff". After watching a video where someone installs it and everything is right in japanese charac
  5. So, since Tsuz Scans have finished Hoshi Ori, I figured I'd enjoy the full patch. Only problem is.. the .mov won't play at all, and instead gives me this error: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Anyone have any clue what this entails? I've been able to deduce that it's a problem regarding video files, but I'm unsure as to what specifically.
  6. I realy need help with this one when some battles begins mostly demonbane ones it says that system has run into a problem and crashes the game i can't progress the story beacuse of this i updated it (running on win 8.1) can somebody tell me what is the problem please i would like to finish it...
  7. Hey, i want to play a good Eushully game but i dont want to download it since i dont want trouble with the law. I live in Germany. So i wanted to buy one of their games. But i cant find how or where ! Is it not possible to buy ???? ??????????? this game for example? Or is it just not registered in my country so i cant buy it and there would also be no problem with just downloading it? I really have no problem with buying it like a honest man but how?
  8. Need some help pls. I have downloaded Fate/Stay Night, but after starting the Fate.exe, I've got this problem. What should I do?? Thank you so much.
  9. I don't normally have issues with getting games from this website and getting it to work. I got the 4 .rars off this site and extracted them. I then hit the .exe and then nothing happened. I have the file path as an exclusion on my Avast and I have tried running as admin. I ran with AppLocale, just in case that was a problem. I am close to just deleting and giving up, cause no game is really worth the headache. I am just a completionist. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Ok so I successfully installed the VN and everything seems to be working fine, except for one problem. There are grey lines drawn on the character's faces and obviously it's very distracting when you're reading the VN. Has anyone else come across this sort of problem? or is it just me. I tried a lot of things, installing the latest directX, MS virtual C++, changing the resolution of the VN and running it as an administrator and in compatibility mode. I also tried searching online for similar cases but nothing much turns up on Google. If anyone has a way to fix this it'll be highly apprec
  11. I was trying to translate a RPG Maker game, Yorozuya Princess using RPG Maker Decrypter and got the extracted data and files into the folder. The only problem I have now is that the text in the game is still in Japanese. I'm guessing I missed a step somewhere but can anyone help?
  12. Hey Guys! ^^ Im new to the community. Kinda Weird how my first post is actually a post about an issue XD. BUT ANYWAY Down to business, I recently downloaded a Koichoco File from Erogegames. As soon as I tried to play i was hit with a bunch of issues. Like At first Start.exe wasnt working and so was the actual application, but i fixed that issue By changing my Region and Language settings to Japanese settings. But back to the issue at hand, The problem that i am currently faced with at the moment, is I keep getting asked to insert the Koichoco Dvd into the dvd drive. Ive Been looking for Soluti
  13. Anyone know where can i find Cross+Channel and Critical Point registry? (regedit) i need to delete it cuz I'm having a problem i can't reinstall it~ (
  14. Hi, i have been playing the Sumika Route of MuvLuv Extra (DVD Version) and i just go across on this problem: Here are the details: Date: 10/28 (Sunday) Route Following: Sumika Everytime i went to that scene at amusement park where they are helping the lost kid getting his parents and came across with a show after announcement, it always has that problem. Can anyone help me how to fix that? I already in japanese locale.
  15. Guys I have a problem. I looked on the site a lot but I couldn't find the answer to my problem. My character in the game like in the picture disappears. Then comes the black screen but the game continues. Also other sites I couldn't find the answer. If you know please, please help. How many times have the game downloaded and installed. Game La Dea Memoria (Eushully) Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  16. I already droped a post on the other site but wanted to drop one here aswel. I had a problem just now that i can not figure out. My save data is missing. I dont know went wrong, I started the game like i always have and no loads. The help would be appreciated because i rly want to know what is going on. This is not the first time. A similar thing happened to me last year with my version of Do You Like Horny Bunnies? but it would not save anymore after some time.
  17. So I have problem install Dracu Rito since it won't finish install, the progress won't move. I'm going to upload picture of my problem, I hope somebody can help me with this.
  18. ok so i recently decided to re download spoiler al and for some odd reason there are no ssgs in the menu when i have downloaded some more ssgs. if it matters i have it saying that the directory is in a different spot than it is i have it in my c drive when the bottom line says it is in the old location which is no longer accessible.
  19. Every time I try to download something off this site, I get a fake "you have a virus" popup...Why is this, how can I fix this or is this a problem on your end?
  20. Hi everyone I'm having a problem with error poppin up when i try launchin older games. "There will be no sound effect because system does not support ADPCM codecs" I have searched internet and found solution to replace 2 files Msadp32 and imaadp32 in system32 and syswow64 however that has not made the error go away i do not know whether my version of the files is wrong or maybe i'm missing something My system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Please help i need to fap
  21. Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem where downloads are not completing at all. I've been trying to download 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain, but once my download reaches 14.40 MB (out of 14.41 MB), the download just stops and does not continue. I have tried downloading from Chrome, which ends up in a Network Error once the download stops progressing, Firefox, which just says that the download failed, and Jdownloader, which just tries to download the file all over again, implying that the download failed and needs to be retried. I'm thinking that it may jus
  22. Hi, i'm new in this "Eroge" think, and I downloaded Amorous Professor cherry, the runs...but when i try to play in full screen it si like this and as you see that is not a fullscreen... 3 Does this have any solution? Thank all you in advance
  23. Hello everybody and sorry for my bad English. I have downloadet the Game from this page, names "Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~". But the problem ist, that i can't install it everyway. Deamon Tools, doesn't work too, so please, can one help me. I love this games and I would like to play this game, too. with good greetings Kazuto
  24. First of all, my computer is set to Japanese locale. I downloaded some games with Chinese patch, and after I installed the games and patch, the game works but it show ????????? for all the texts. The games I have this problem is Furifure Free Friend and CARTAGRA. I don't know if I need to set my computer to Chinese Locale or not since other games with Chinese patch works fine (Aiyoku no Eustia, Princess Lover, etc). Any advices??
  25. ok well i finished the prologue and the game freezes right after it. what do i do ?? suggestions?? any one??
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