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  1. maq4647

    Chichi Miko!!

    I am downloading this. I am SO~~ downloading this.
  2. GrannyyyyyyyyyyyyyYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. what's this? Just what should I say here? *nosebleed*
  3. No they don't. I don't really want to be labelled as pedophile. though, I do want to make my fantasies known. But society isn't that easy to understand the complex thoughts of us Otakus. Guess that's about it. Besides, keeping it a secret doesn't hurt. It's actually a little exiciting.
  4. maq4647


    My thoughts exactly. I am a futanari fan after all. Therefore Approved. I mean they are cute as hell man.
  5. Download SH9 exe link for the patch.
  6. Man I agree. I have also been waiting for this.
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