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  1. Only happened now with 2 titles that i decided to download, both being from the ley line trology, being them the first and second. am receving a message saying while trying to open the file that it is either damaged or in a unknown format, and the size of the files after downloading does not correspond with the download size before. tried searching online but couldnt really find anything
  2. Timba1604

    Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche

    thank you my friend, i didnt finished the the first time i played because ria route hits hard, but i finished the game today and knew about this scene but didnt know how to get
  3. Timba1604

    Gore Screaming Show

    if i ever play this, i will do it. i replied to you but wrote it in the wrong place
  4. Timba1604

    Kinkoi: Golden Time

    thank you so much, i am even crying by knowing i can finally play this
  5. Timba1604

    Akatsuki no Goei

    aparrently the fandisc and the second game have a lot of untranslated parts, a bit sad they arent yet
  6. yes, if im not wrong, this version have a new heroine and new routes
  7. i am not really a fan of yuzusoft games, but this one did hit the spot. i could really enjoy it
  8. this is the second game. the first is the borderline of dusk and i recommend
  9. its here! i waited for this moment
  10. just like in other games from them
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