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  1. Timba1604

    Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche

    thank you my friend, i didnt finished the the first time i played because ria route hits hard, but i finished the game today and knew about this scene but didnt know how to get
  2. Timba1604

    Gore Screaming Show

    if i ever play this, i will do it. i replied to you but wrote it in the wrong place
  3. Timba1604

    Kinkoi: Golden Time

    thank you so much, i am even crying by knowing i can finally play this
  4. Timba1604

    Akatsuki no Goei

    aparrently the fandisc and the second game have a lot of untranslated parts, a bit sad they arent yet
  5. yes, if im not wrong, this version have a new heroine and new routes
  6. i am not really a fan of yuzusoft games, but this one did hit the spot. i could really enjoy it
  7. this is the second game. the first is the borderline of dusk and i recommend
  8. its here! i waited for this moment
  9. just like in other games from them
  10. Timba1604


    is this one the harvest festa?
  11. none, i would say nothing happens when i run the .exe
  12. for some reason my game dont open, if someone see this and can help
  13. Timba1604

    Little Busters!

    tried as admin and its working now, thanks
  14. Timba1604

    Little Busters!

    when installing the english patch
  15. Timba1604

    Little Busters!

    someone know about this invalid file handle 32?
  16. Timba1604

    Hatsukoi 1/1

    i opened the game but the game wasn´t translated, if someone can help me
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