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  1. How do you guys install east asian language in windows 8.1, 64 bit Also, where do you download it?
  2. Little Busters Ex.... why you so damn long.... been waiting for years.... already watched the anime 3
  3. Sometimes CDs but mostly are from streaming in Animedreaming.tv
  4. GOdamn! They really drop DracuRiot! I hope, some good soul with good translation skills will pick it up someday again.
  5. Thankz for replying, and so I settled for simply reading the summary of the route. (Warning don't do it if you don't want any spoilers especially for those who haven't played the original Rewrite) though that said I was expecting it to be like Little Busters EX where there are you know what scenes. Though I actually find harvest festa incredibly hilarious its almost like a parody LOL
  6. This is very confusing, I haven't seen anything on the list that Rewrite Harvest Festa is being translated but after searching in google I find this NyaaTorrents >> ?girlcelly? [120727] [Key] Rewrite Harvest festa? -???? ???????????- [No DVD Patch] Or was this simply just the game and no english patch??
  7. Hmmm can't think of anything since all of the eroge that I played are all famous including VNs
  8. I don't get this part I mean aren't all of that, the same??
  9. Prison School or Kangoku Gakuen It's a school that has a prison system where students could go into prison by breaking their number 1 rule "Intimate relationship with men" It has everything comedy, romance, psychology, ecchi, seinen. Here's a pic
  10. So I just finished one of its route (Chihaya's) but never once heard the voice of the protagonist itself. So I was thinking, do I need to download something to get his voice patch into this game? If so can anyone show me the links?
  11. there's one thing I can't understand or rather 3 since I just saw 3 Oreimo why is there 3?
  12. ow and also I have jpcsp0.5win I don't really get it but it seems like it's a type of emulator that's said compatible to windows 7
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