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  5. Hello there everyone, My name is Linkman19 (call me Link) and I'm one of the Beta Testers/QCers of Violet Hill. Pretty sure that the majority of people here on the forums here know me somewhat well so won't be introducing myself, reason as to why I haven't introduced myself on this thread (least I don't remember introducing myself on it) is due to the fact that real life has kept me busy until just recently so I had a period of no contact with the Red Lattice team. However I'm now back and will be aiding in anyway I can with the Project to ensure that Violet Hill can be the best that it can
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  7. Current Wallpaper: Desktop View: http://i.imgur.com/d4rjggB.jpg (Love Shimakaze so much!!!) And if anyone is interested here is image without stuff cluttering screen:
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